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This Week
April 18-24, 1996

Sharky's Day: Since the film
The Color of Money entered a
generation's consciousness a
decade ago, pool halls have been
racking up business. But there's a
difference between guppie yuppie
pool and shooting with the sharks,
as Ami Chen Mills discovers following a professional into the dark depths of the serious pool halls.

Heritage Replacement: What started as a seed of an idea to put a Mexican Cultural Heritage Garden in San Jose's east side has blossomed into a flashy, eight-acre cultural cornucopia. But could the cash-strapped Eastside put $25.5 million to better use?

Public Eye: Ex-San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery-- radio talk show host, Sharks supporter, now movie mogul.

Polis Report: How many web surfers does it take to fill a Nielsen poll?

DeCinzo: Fly baby, fly.

Arts & Entertainment
Play MSTie For Me: , Trace Beaulieu (A.K.A. Dr. Clayton Forrester) and Director Jim Mallon talk about bring the cult TV show "Mystery Science Theater 3000" to the big screen, 'bots and all.

More Than Human: The puppets of Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie and James and the Giant Peach speak truths that leave humans mute.

Calling Direct: The telecommunications junkies of Hal Salwen's Denise Calls Up are hung up about hanging up.

Frogs in Da Hood: Why French teenagers Hate Paris.

Keep on Pushing: The enduring musical legacy of Curtis Mayfield.

A Tasty Crumb: Modernist movements at the San Jose Symphony.

Beat Street: Cafe doesn't Regret it's one last time.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Frank Black, J Church, and Alice in Chains.

Ears to Art: Listening to sculpture at WORKS/San Jose.

'Rags' Time Again: The American Musical Theatre of San Jose revives an overlooked musical gem.

Probing the Past: Four generations of Irish women struggle with love and resentment in The Mai.

Bistro Consciousness: Downtown San Jose's newest culinary hot spot, Stratta Grill & Cafe, leans toward sensuous cooking, involving lots of hearty grill updates, lusty pastas and assertive salads.

Bargain Bites: Discover deluxe sandwiches at Dakao Restaurant for only $1.

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