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This Week
April 25-May 1, 1996

Planes Trains and Bicycles:
What happens when a technical
writer with a clunky 18-speed
decides to quit his job and
bicycle around the Pacific Rim?
Andrew Pham writes about
his freewheeling adventures.

Also in Metroactive's travel issue: surfing the travel net, remembering life on the road, cruising on a binge barge, gay destinations, and--for the deeply paranoid--the art of packing.

Horse Cents: Ten million American women are taking estrogen made from horse urine, at the cruel expense, say two animal-rights groups, of mares and their foals.

Public Eye: It's fashion phobia on San Jose's transit mall, and in Palo Alto, the newsrack plague of 1996.

DeCinzo: Take our daughters to work?

Arts & Entertainment
Spanish Earth: Land and Freedom screens the left's fondest crusade.

Love on the Rocks: Two women find love and angst in Costa Brava.

Wave of the Past: Just when you thought it was safe to listen to the radio again, the synthesizer posers of the New Wave '80s are back.

Shades of Black: Frank Black goes Dada on The Cult of Ray.

Playing Between the Lines: Guitarist Mike Stern is still a fusion favorite.

Beat Street: Barbara's a boxer with a Bammie, but no Senate berth.

Cafe Society: April Sinclair's new novel, Ain't Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice, makes a stir.

Flights of Angels: Opera San José soars on Madama Butterfly's lyric wings.

Pinter's Power Trio: San Jose Stage scores with the tense three-person drama, Betrayal.

Class Ceiling: I Am Yours confuses the social strata.

We Be Fratelli: i Fratelli, stocked with salvos of talent and know-how, is out to carve its niche in Los Altos' established restaurant row.

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