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Sushi Sing-Along!

By Todd Inoue

SUSHI MIGHT seem like an unlikely inspiration for musicians but some artists name-check it as haute cuisine or as an easy rhyme for "coochie." Here are some of our favorite sushi-related lyrics.

I wanna go to a sushi bar
I wanna go with you.
Ikura, Battera, Salmon
Tamago, Saladamaki
Which one shall I order first?
I just can't choose.

                               --Shonen Knife, "Sushi Bar"

Admiring my shoes by Gucci
I be eating sushi
Playing with my coochie.

                               --Lil' Kim, "Getting Money"

See hoochies pop coochies, for Gucci's and Lucci
Find me in my Mitsubishi, eatin' sushi, bumpin' Fugees.

                               --Lauryn Hill/The Fugees, "Fugee-La"

Suck a tentacle, dip it in sauce
Hot green root, it sure is boss
My only vice is to slice it nice
And wrap it in rice--oh, what a device!

                               --The Tubes, "Sushi Girl"

I'm not your Chardonnay
I'm not your sushi bar
I'm nothing but your love.

                               --Toshi Kubota, "Nothing but Your Love"

Who be, in a Japanese restaurant, eating sushi
Drinking sake, it's me and my mami with the doobie.

                               --Jay-Z w/Foxy Brown and Babyface, "Sunshine"

You'll think you're looking at Aquaman
I summon fish to the dish,
Although I like the Chalet Swiss
I like the sushi 'cause it's never touched a frying pan
Hot like wasabi when I bust rhymes
Big like Leann Rimes.

                               --Barenaked Ladies, "One Week"

I don't drink or smoke, ain't into dope
Won't try no coke, ask me how I do it, I cope
My only addiction has to do with the female species
I eat 'em raw like sushi.

                               --Gerardo, "Rico Suave"

Pretty raw with it
Cute sushi lunches
Nineteen steps from out under your feet
Can't eat won't eat
Cute sushi lunches.

                               --Sneaker Pimps, "Cute Sushi Lunches"

I gave my 24-7 to you
Doing everything you wanted to
I bought you sushi and yogurt too
You bought a wringer just to put me through.

                               --2GETHer, "I Gave My 24-7 to You"

My heart's in the country
My feet's in the city with you
All my friends are eatin' sushi
Talkin' bad about you know who.

                               --Motley Crue, "City Boy Blues"

Let's get sushi and not pay!

                               --Repo Man

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From the May 2-8, 2002 issue of Metro, Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

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