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This Week
May 16-22, 1996

Click on My Lips:
Not long ago, "online" sex seemed
just a pipe dream of the Wired set.
These days, it's as close as the
nearest modem. As cable
companies and telcos stand
poised to bring video-capable
cable into homes, live, naked women on the Web promises to be an exciting topic of debate, one which the Communications Decency Act may not be able to touch.

Isn't That Special?: In Santa Clara County, special masters have taken center stage as powerful new members in the family-court drama, but is the idea of shrinks acting as judges really a good idea? One local mom, whose daughter was whisked away to sleep in a teepee in Idaho, thinks not.

Public Eye: Frustrated PG&E customers have a new advocate in their fight to settle damage claims following lengthy outages.

Polis Report: Jonesin' for some Jones.

DeCinzo: Apple joins the Real World.

Arts & Entertainment
About the Rim: Films from Mongolia, India, Asia, Japan and the Philippines are highlighted at Pacific Rim Festival.

Sweet Rain: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is revived in vivid new colors.

Popping the Pop of Pop Art: New movie asks why did Valerie Solanas shoot Andy Warhol.

When We Were Colored: Once Upon a Time ... looks back in nostalgia.

Fountainhead of the Blues: Blues greats Lowell Fulson and Johnnie Johnson headline the annual free Fountain Blues Festival at San Jose State University.

Grunge No More: Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden ring the death knell for grunge.

Sevens Still Clash: Culture keeps the Rasta fires burning.

Wisdom of the Pharoah: John Coltrane's spiritual heir joins forces with top masters of Indian percussion.

Beat Street: High schoolers rock at Rumble in the Ballroom.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Psyclone Rangers, Hi-Standard, Aswad and Mountain Brothers.

Doyle Gets Serious: Irish humorist Roddy Doyle delves into the harsh life of 'The Woman Who Walked Into Doors.'

Latinas Looks: Tonantzin's new group show carries an eclectic charge.

Too Crazy by Half: Implausible plot twists vie with timeless Gershwin tunes in American Musical Theatre's 'Crazy for You.'

Jumpin' for Janta: Janta's Indian cuisine shines with its exotic curries and vegetables.

Bargain Bites: Falafel Drive-in serves up fine Middle Eastern fare.

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