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Voter Cheat Sheet

[whitespace] Metro's Endorsements

Governor: Dan Hamburg

Mayor of San Jose: Ron Gonzales

SJ City Council, District 1: Linda LeZotte

SJ City Council, District 3: Tony West

Water District 4: Chris Stampolis

District Attorney: George Kennedy

Sheriff: Jose Salcido or Tom Sing

Judge, Superior No. 12: Gregory H. Ward

Judge, Superior No. 3: Jamie Jacobs-May

Santa Clara Measure D (Agnews): No

Prop. 219: (Prop reform) Yes

Prop. 220: (Courts reform) Yes

Prop. 221: (judicial performance) No

Prop. 222: (murder punishment) No

Prop. 223: (School administration) No

Prop. 224: (State sub-contracting) No

Prop. 225: (Congress term limits) No

Prop. 226: (Union spending) No

Prop. 227: (End bilingual ed) No

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From the May 28-June 3, 1998 issue of Metro.

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