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This Week
June 6-12, 1996

Moths to the Flame:
The drive-in theater grew as
post-WWII America grew--
the ultimate expression of an
expanding population, suburban
sprawl and cheap gas. Now, the
open-air theaters are nostalgic
reminders of a rapidly passing
era of moviegoing.

Muddy Waters: What do you do to a local developer accused of cutting old-growth trees and gouging out an illegal road that causes mudslides and road closures? If you're the county, nothing much.

Leary's Dead: A personal reminiscence on the passing of everyone's favorite acid guru.

Public Eye: The Louisiana Territory goes down as the latest in a string of Pavilion casualties, and SJ Unified hones the fine art of smiling and firing.

Polis Report: Where does "Fastest Person on Earth" fit on the résumé of a former Olympic athlete?

Arts & Entertainment
Runway Streak: Supermodeling is stylish hell in Catwalk.

A 'Roujin' by Any Other Name: New anime focuses on people, not robots.

Metal Up Yer Ass: Todd Inoue ventures out to Tuesday's impromptu Metallica in the parking lot concert.

Chelsea Clinton's Favorite Rock Band: Ken Stringfellow talks about the Posies' new album and foray into the Internet.

Never Too Late: Songwriter Gerry Goffin comes back in anger.

Prong Songs: Prong puts the metal to history.

Eastern Echoes: Two new audiophile recordings capture Cambodian and Vietnamese musical traditions.

Beat Street: The nose-thumbing punk of the Queers.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Carlos Barbosa-Lima, Hog and Buju Banton.

I'll Be in Albany: William Kennedy returns to form with The Flaming Corsage.

Viet Lux: The San Jose Museum of Art tries to bridge the divided worlds of Vietnamese artists.

Spaghetti Eastern: Andrew Pham explores the South Bay's souped-up Asian noodle palaces.

Cheese Wiz: Christina Waters goes for the goat--goat cheese, that is.

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