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This Week
June 12-19, 1996

Libation Front: From live juice
and steamy mistos, Fuzzy Navels
to Cosmopolitans, the notion of
liquid refreshment takes on new
dimensions as Metro goes on
a drinking tour of the
Santa Clara Valley.

Plus, Christina Waters comments on the rebirth of the old stogie, Ami Chen Mills marvels at the karma of Chai, and Traci Hukill learns how to order the drink du jour.

On the cover: Thanks to Agenda's Speakeasy dance club in downtown San Jose for lending its patrons last Friday night for Metro's Bars, Clubs and Coffeehouses cover, and to those hip and happy patrons for their patience and creative energy. Photo by Christopher Gardner, FX by Foster Barnes.

School Gays: While gay, lesbian and bisexual teens throughout the country cautiously crack open the closet, San Jose's Lincoln High school is a haven of acceptance, which makes some folks downright uncomfortable.

Man Who Would Be Mayor: Civic activist Chris Panopulos, who freely donated time and money to many causes, now lives in a boardinghouse.

Public Eye: Timothy Leary, infernal truth and the ever-flicking Bic of fame.

Polis Report: No happy affirmations here!

Arts & Entertainment
Generation Gap: A younger woman and an older man seek cerebral intimacy in Claude Sautet's Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud.

Literary Lapses: Screen adaptation of Moll Flanders deflowers Defoe.

Culture Splash: Heartbeat Records celebrates 15 years of reggae.

Ska Rah Rah: Reggae's roots owe a deep debt to the Skatalites.

Vivid Verdi: The San Jose Symphony rises to the heights of Verdi's Requiem.

Beat Street: Metallica rocks on, Skankin' Pickle loses a lead.

History and Celebration: Juneteenth organizers plan a big month of freedom-loving events in San Jose.

Softshoe Gumshoe: Gunmetal Blues parodies 'noir' genre in musical comedy.

Fish Factory: The high degree to which people's lives revolve around what they do for a living is explored in North Shore Fish.

Superheroes With a Thousand Faces: The new Armageddon comic book Kingdom Come posits a future world redeemed by Superman himself.

Home Sweet Home: Andrew X. Pham rediscovers the time-tested flavors found at Santa Clara's Korea House.

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