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This Week
June 27-July 3, 1996

Eye Care: Among Asian teenage
girls, eyelid surgery has become
as common as braces, rising like
a rite of passage into womanhood.
Todd Inoue follows the path of the
scalpel to confront the question:
Is the desire to emulate European
faces about freedom of expression
or an abhorrent form of ethnic erasure?

Striking Back: Prosecutors feel slighted at the state Supreme Court's decision giving judges discretionary power in sentencing third strikers, but the potential backlash from the right promises to pack a wallop.

Public Eye: Political windbags, party-poopers and tomatoes on the roof of City Hall.

Polis Report: Curiously strong evidence about the fate of mint tins.

Arts & Entertainment
A Boom of One's Own: From pop artists to jittery professionals, the dangerous lure of fireworks lingers long after the Fourth of July--plus a guide to holiday light shows, concerts and parades.

Last Tango in Tuscany: Bernardo Bertolucci takes a working vacation in Stealing Beauty.

Familial Frost: Catherine Deneuve and Daniel Auteuil freeze out their feelings in André Téchiné's Ma Saison Préférée.

Gothic Disneyland: Yet another serial-killer romance in Butterfly Kiss.

Sucking Out the Feeling: Superdrag powers past pop into the modern world.

Musical Country: San Francisco's American Festival proved that symphony audiences will turn out for modern classical.

Three-Year Blues Plan: Robert Stewart puts jazz In the Gutta.

Beat Street: Those aren't the roadies; they're the Cardigans.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Chico O'Farrill & His Afro-Cuban Jazz Orchestra, Key Kool & Rhettmatic, and Iguana Jive.

Visual Voices: A new exhibit at the Triton embraces disparate visions.

Horse Sense: The sexual and the sacred take off at a gallop in Equus at TheatreWorks.

Persian Pleasures: Andrew Pham samples Sunnyvale's Chelokababi, a family-run establishment making an impressive case for Persian cuisine.

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