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This Week
July 18-24, 1996

Center Stage: The American
Indian Center of Santa Clara
faces shrinking federal
resources and a growing
conflict over how to
reconcile traditional
values with modern

On the cover: Henry Morillo, formerly of the center, in front of a section of one of his artworks.

Pacific Gas Attack: Will the open energy market lower PG&E rates? Not likely, given the PUC's guarantees that consumers will pay off Diablo Canyon.

Public Eye: Protecting the coast becomes an issue in the Senate race.

Polis Report: One of these things is not like the other.

Arts & Entertainment
Flower Power: Hippie Revolution looks back in peace, man, at 1967.

Decisions, Decisions: German sex comedy Maybe ... Maybe Not swings open closet doors.

Decorator Tramp: San Jose demolition crew uncovers a rare example of silent-film art.

Punk Harvest: Emily's Sassy Lime teens know that play--not practice--makes perfect.

Ray Still Burns Bright: The Genius of Soul delivers a "Strong Love Affair" on latest album.

Metal Load: Metallica's new Load does not veer far from their metalloid roots.

Blues Sailing: The Windy City's Magic Slim blows away the competition.

Beat Street: Oingo Boingo's Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez delivers a lesson in rock & roll history at Mission College.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Fifteen, the Skatalites and the Bruce Lee Band.

Real Industrial: If it clangs, clicks or clunks, STOMP can build a dance and percussion routine around it.

Doggone It: Sylvia presents one man's midlife crisis through the eyes of his dog.

Name Tags and Video Visions: The upside and big letdown of WORKS' two-woman show.

Partners in Crime: Hellman and Hammett uncovers the real Nick and Nora.

Pasta Alfresco: Christina Waters enjoys a sensuous slice of Mediterranean life on the patio at La Pastaia.

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