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This Week
August 8-14, 1996

Tradition, Radicals and Type:
The new age of computer-
assisted typography has
spawned a generation of
letter designers who aren't
afraid to embrace both mood
and meaning, or Madonna's
handwriting, for that matter.

World War Web: Forget about cyberporn, a more sinister threat is goosestepping its way across the Net.

Loan Deranged: How college debt can make you crazy.

Public Eye: Ed Zschau looks to the future--his own political future, that is.

Polis Report: Clear freeway ahead, no lie.

DeCinzo Cartoon: Skate for your life.

Arts & Entertainment
Like, Whatever: Emma, the latest Jane Austen flick, is not at all clueless.

And Baby Makes Four : Three 'not terribly unified' women struggle with childbirth in Manny and Lo.

No Escape: With Escape From L.A., John Carpenter attempts a sequel to his cult classic.

Do You Think They're Sexy?: The Sex Pistols' Filthy Lucre Live heralds a renaissance for live rock albums.

Hard Bop Times: Stanley Turrentine blueses up his jazz--plus San Jose Jazz Festival lineup.

Asta la Lolla: Looking back at Lollapalooza. Also, a Metroactive exclusive photo essay.

Silents, Please: Cabrillo Music Fest makes sweet sounds inspired by silver screen.

Beat Street: Mr. T. Experience performs at Elmore Hall.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Jah Wobble, Dogstar and Catie Curtis.

Three-Hour Tour : A Homeric hero tours the world--for a little too long--in Pericles.

City of Night : Les Misérables finds enduring drama on the dark side of Paris.

Slice of Life: Alison Bechdel pens some dykes to watch out for in the comics.

Sumptuous Solidarity: After 15 years, Eugene and Elizabeth Witkowicz's Polish restaurant--Eugene's--still continues to showcase the time-intensive nature of old-fashioned cooking.

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