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This Week
August 15-21, 1996

Supergirl's Secret:
Methamphetamine, the
Hell's Angels drug of the
past, steamrolls into the '90s,
with easy home recipes,
greater potency and a
devoted following of
do-everything teen girls.

Casualty of Conscience: A third to a half of all drivers in Santa Clara County are driving without insurance, especially in lower-income neighborhoods. In some pockets of L.A., the rate of uninsured drivers is up to 90 percent. With rising costs, are we headed the same direction?.

Polis Report: Smells like civic spirit.

Public Eye: Clinton rubs elbows with fellow Democrats in Palo Alto

DeCinzo Cartoon: Power-less lines.

Arts & Entertainment
All That Jazz: In 'Kansas City,' Robert Altman's characters rotate around two peculiar performances.

My Degeneration: Blue-chip artist Julian Schnabel enjoys biting the art-world hands that fed him in 'Basquiat.'

Jumpin' Jack Flash: Blend of sweet and gross in 'Jack' hits the palate like chocolate-covered sloppy joes.

Keanu the Untamed: Casting Reeves in an action film means he doesn't have to stand still and act.

Surfin' Safari: Rhino's vintage compilations on CD and a reprinted book on the history of the sport spawn a wave of interest in surf culture.

Songs of the South: One moment Ben Harper croons like an urbane Taj Majal; the next, he yodels like a Malian griot.

Organic Hot Fusion: Norman Connors' marriage of progressive R&B and jazz appeals to brainiacs and romantics alike.

Ax and We Will Receive: Tony MacAlpine's got live metal if you want it.

Sites and Sounds: Cabrillo Music Fest's mix of film and music had dimension and integrity.

Beat Street: A benefactor brings the Boss.

Of Latino Lenses: MACLA's new show gathers together the work of Chicano and Chicana photographers.

Marvels of Marcella: Cafe Marcella's fine contemporary Italian cuisine and it's adjoining Marcella's Market, well-stocked with an accessibly priced array of French and Italian imports, inspires adventurous appetites.

Bargain Bites: Lucy's Tea House in Mountain View proffers delectable teas, given names like Forest Heaven, Dragon Eyes and Molly Honey.

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