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This Week
August 22-28, 1996

Sun Godling: Writer Gretchen Giles
spends a day tooling around with
astrologer Rob Brezsny, syndicated
columnist, man about Marin and
messiah of the male menstrual

Pachyderm Party Animals: With the sun finally down on the Republican convention, Kelly Luker looks at the lessons learned. Also, virtual smog fighters, the greening of the political woman, and hellish tips for local demos.

Polis Report: The air up there.

DeCinzo Cartoon: D.U.I don't know.

Arts & Entertainment
Sibling Sighs: McMullen Brother Edward Burns explores sibling rivalries and marital wars in She's the One.

Golf War: Don Johnson and Kevin Costner both take a swing at romance with Rene Russo in Tin Cup.

All-Girl Gang: Switchblade Sisters is revived to make a new generation cringe at the excesses of the '70s.

Country Urges & Dirges: The tragedies and woes of their lyrics are an echo of the real-life travails that dog country musicians.

Don't Get Too Close to Their Fantasy: Dean and Gene of Ween can be as annoying as they are amusing in their satirical thrusts on their new album, 12 Golden Country Greats.

New Diva on the Block: Erica Berry honors soul's forefathers while acknowledging the new beat of hip-hop on her album Life & Love.

Aural Collagers: The members of the Splatter Trio mix up their music with sonic elements from here, there and everywhere.

Beat Street: Local producer assembles Urban Underground compilation CD.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Future 3, Electronic, Sergio Salvatore and Cub.

Writing in Tongues: Shirley Grau's short stories capture the beauty of the spoken word.

Speaking in Steps: Lyrical moves highlight works by the Margaret Wingrove Company dancers and choreographers.

Thai One On: Two sisters from Chien-Mai, a northern province of Thailand, nurture Cupertino's Thai Bistro, where inexpensive, exquisite homemade treats flourish.

Vegging Out: Exploring the exotic cuisine of Nepal at Kathmnadu West.

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