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This Week
September 5-11, 1996

Murder Win: Cindy Kang admits
she stabbed a local businessman to
death in a Sunnyvale hotel room,
stole his credit cards and went on a
cross-country shopping spree. She
has less to say about the deal she cut
with the DA.

Family Function!: What do you get when you put a few thousand Democrats in one place? As Harold Meyerson writes, one, big, less-than-happy family.

Public Eye: PacBell's new ISDN service suffers growing pains.

Polis Report: Shave and a haircut, two bits.

DeCinzo Cartoon: Wacky Iraqi fun.

Arts & Entertainment
In a Crowded Place: The Big Squeeze can't decide if it's a black parody or a noir homage.

A Roll in the Hay: A troubled teacher-farmer gets Carried Away by a young woman's desire in his own barn.

A View to a Grill: It takes a village to keep a Spitfire Grill running.

Lights Out for Society: Class conflict in the dark fuels The Trigger Effect.

Looking Backward: Tonic takes some, but not all, of its cues from Led Zeppelin.

Under the Big Bop: Saxophonist Greg Abate talks about keeping bop alive.

Billy's Blakean Bragging Rights: Firebrand Billy Bragg mellows with age on poetic William Bloke album.

Forging Ahead: Ignoring head-bouncing microphones, Alejandro Escovedo always comes back for an encore.

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Wesley Willis Fiasco, Paul Westerberg, Ovarian Trolley and Amy X Neuburg & Men.

In the Tangled Web Of Digital History: Where Wizards Stay Up Late traces the birth of the Internet.

Moving Stills: Sci-fi epic or animated flop, the work of movie-poster artist John Alvin never disappoints.

New Cyber Sights: The future of electronic imagery dazzles the eye and piques the mind at the San Jose Museum of Art.

Growth Industry: Biodiversity is not just a catchphrase to discuss rain-forest ecology. Just as important is preserving history's many varieties of common garden edibles. Christina Waters explores how Seeds of Change and other heirloom-plant businesses are cultivating the past to ensure a tasty future.

Roman à Chef: From the shores of southern France to the streets of south San Jose, Alain Guichard's career reveals the making of a culinary maestro.

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