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This Week
September 12-18, 1996

Fall of the Wild: While public
tourism grows by leaps and
bounds, Congress is pushing
the National Parks Service
into a funding hole from
which many natural
treasures may not
emerge intact.

Cultura Clash: Some Latinos organize a boycott of suds sponsors for upcoming Mexican heritage festivals, which they say shouldn't be beer-soaked drink-a-thons.

Public Eye: The alternative press scooped the mainstream on the CIA-crack connection.

Polis Report: Congress gives lip service to green issues.

Arts & Entertainment
A Nickel Offense: David Mamet's famed American Buffalo short-changed by new film version.

State of Misery: Feeling Minnesota feels all wrong--blame Keanu.

Killer Performance: James Woods dominates Killer: Journal of a Murder.

Rap Against AIDS: Nicky Baxter reviews America Is Dying Slowly, a rap compilation effort to raise AIDS awareness.

The State of Jazz: Some of California's finest young players are on hand for the Left Coast Jazz Fest this weekend.

Mister Energy Man's Blues: Eddie Kirkland has been sliding the blues since he was a teenager.

Letter-day Saints: King's X gives Christian rock a good name.

Learning From the Russian School: The San Jose Symphony opens its season with an all-Russian program.

Beat Street: Skankin' Pickle returns with vigor.

Opera SJ Handels Xerxes: Local company's new production of Handel's comic opera is part of national Baroque revival.

Intimate Histories: Teatro Visión puts a human face on historical facts and figures.

High-Spec Writer: William Gibson imagines the electronic future in Idoru.

From Dusk 'Til Don: Mario Puzo steals from himself in new Mafia novel, The Last Don.

Veggies & Avengers: Bob Burden's 'The Strangler,' 'Flaming Carrot' parody pulpy superheroes.

Portrait in Eccentricity: South Bay landscape painter Howard Streight turned his canvases into performance art.

The Pixel Imperfect: The Bay Area's photographers try to refocus the lens of 'truth.'

Playground for Adults: With its lively bar and eye-candy decor, downtown San Jose's Sports City works at providing classy atmosphere, smooth service and food that's a lot better than it has to be.

Meat the Future: The latest in the current wave of faux-meat establishments to set up base in the Bay Area, the Great Vegi Land dishes up a generous vegetarian menu, long on sensuous tofu, glutenous dishes and hearty vegetable platters.

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