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This Week
September 26-October 2, 1996

Collective Unconscious:
The Franklin Mint markets
nostalgic tidbits of Americana
to the masses, in so-called
limited editions, for only $29.95
per month. Amazingly, the
producers of derivative kitsch
are making a fortune.

Raiders of Lost Parks: For 32 years, our country's leaders have siphoned billions from the Land and Water Conservation fund for more politically expedient uses. But this time, it's gone too far.

Garden Groan: A trio of former employees of the Garden City gaming parlor have taken legal action alleging that they were sexually harassed by managers and customers.

Public Eye: Gates of Hell.

Polis Report: Voting for dummies.

DeCinzo Cartoon: Not so golden olden days.

Arts & Entertainment
Akira Kurosawa vs. Dashiell Hammett: Allen Barra looks at the the real roots of 'Last Man Standing.' Plus, Richard von Busack reviews the movie itself.

Getting Even: Goldie Hawn, Diane Keaton and Bette Midler strike back against philandering husbands in 'The First Wives Club.'

Juiceless '2 Days' Of Pulp: '2 Days in the Valley' is more violins than violence.

Playing Around: A musical prodigy grows to tortured adulthood in German film 'Brother of Sleep.'

Cold War Storage: The nuclear standoff is over, but the waste lingers on in director George Whittenburg's 'Plutonium Circus.'

Savoring Cinema: Stanley Tucci cooks up a tasty film fest in 'Big Night.'

Four Operations and a Funeral: Hugh Grant attempts to look surgical in 'Extreme Measures.'

Sure-bets at Concord Jazz Festival: George Benson and Tony Bennett headline Sept. 28-29 festival.

Fly by Night: Local rapper Nocturnal testifies after dark.

Cliburn Clunker: Legendary pianist can't live up to his own famous 'First.'

Keeping the Blues Alive: Annual San Francisco Blues Festival recalls the city's blues heyday before the hippie invasion.

Beat Street: Nobody won at this Battle of the Bands.

Mother's Thoughts: The personal and historical intertwine in 'Zenzele, a Letter for My Daughter' by debut novelist J. Nozipo Maraire.

Sensuous Italian: Guido's Ristorante serves breakfast daily, along with sensuous Italian comfort foods--luscious manicottis, lasagnes, pizzas and fettuccines--at lunch and dinnertime.

Bargain Bites: Shin Sushi, located in a Sunrise Plaza off of Blossom Hill Road, offers affordable lunches and speedy service.

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