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This Week
October 3-9, 1996

Money Madness: Multilevel marketing
companies like Amway and Equinox
want to free you from corporate
bondage, as long as you don't
mind selling out your family
and friends and making, on
average, less than $1100 a year.

Mission: Impossible: The San Jose Redevelopment Agency has developed a strategy for obstructing access to public info: Act like a private company instead of a public, taxpayer-supported organization. At least until your attorneys tell you otherwise.

Polis Report: Watch that runoff.

Public Eye: The Republican candidates fawn over Silicon Valley business leaders.

DeCinzo Cartoon: Trick or trick.

Arts & Entertainment
The Hidden Family: Mike Leigh's new film, 'Secrets & Lies,' strips away the protective layers of a family struggling to stave off painful memories.

'Bound' to Thrill: New film noir homage with a lesbian twist.

Physics Of Fate: Feynman bio-pic refuses to melt down in pathos.

New York Nice Guy: 'Ed's Next Move' is a date movie sans chemistry.

Something Fishy: Director Robert M. Young's new film, 'Caught,' is green around the gills.

They Might Be in the Showroom: On their new album, 'Factory Showroom,' They Might Be Giants continue to make seriously funny music.

Heroic Tradition: Rykodisc does right by its blues and folk reissues.

Flamenco Flames On: Recent re-releases highlight flamenco tradition.

Thankfully Theirs: Superdrag keeps Anglo-pop alive on new album.

Professor of Fusion: Jerry Granelli ranges from Monk to Hendrix.

Brilliant Baroque: Philharmonia Baroque soars with Handel's massive choral masterpiece 'Israel in Egypt.'

Beat Street: 'We're like Julie on the Love Boat.'

Audiofile: The latest CDs by Ronnie Po, Butter 08 and Frogpond.

Arranging One's Life: Sunnyvale author Chitra Divakaruni talks about marriages and stereotypes.

Power of Woman: Sonali Vepa upholds a venerable tradition.

Geek Chorus: 're>Wired' bytes back.

Late-Nite Dining Adventure: A clean, swank taqueria, El Grullense caters to late-night diners, offering good Mexican food at 4am in a room where only Spanish is spoken.

Vegging Out: The Los Gatos Crêperie goes vegetarian, offering authentic Brittany crêpes.

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