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April 25-May 1, 2007

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Resident Tourist Guide:
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Resident Tourist Guide

It's a Wonderful Life

One very obvious issue in which we do what we always do: Praise the North Bay

Special issues give structure to the otherwise messy lives of those in editorial, sort of like how the daily round at San Quentin helps to define the existence of its bayside residents. We duly scramble to fit the issue's chosen topic with stories and items that interest us in the hopes that they will also interest you.

(And pssst: every issue is special.)

So when we were confronted with this new annual Resident Tourist salute, we had to scratch our collectively glossy, well-coiffed heads. A clever marketing term, "resident tourist" refers to those who have a good time in their own surroundings, who go out and shop, eat, dance, swim, stretch and culture-hawk near home.

Resident tourists, in fact, are all of us lucky enough to live in the North Bay and benefit from the fabulously thriving theater scene, the excellent restaurants and unique winery events, the vital live music community, the many art exhibition spaces, the proximity of several colleges and their slate of happenings, the national touring companies drawn by our performing arts centers, and a hearty etcetera.

This, essentially, is what the Bohemian truly strives to reflect every single week, 52 astounding times a year. Aiming to serve the community by reflecting it back to itself in the best possible way, the Boho is committed to producing the finest free community calendar in the North Bay, to highlighting the arts in a manner both different from and deeper than other media, to bringing area news and debate to the fore and to adding to the ongoing discussions about the role of farmers, food and wine in American life.

We take very seriously our role in helping to define, enliven and strengthen the shared bonds of community in Sonoma, Marin and Napa counties. Given all that highfalutin' wah-wah, what we decided to do with Resident Tourist this year is to just be ourselves--only better.

What follows are extended listings for you to use in better exploring your community. We've rounded up the farm markets, striven to uncover all of the beaches that might be new to you, have extended our dining listings, have compiled complete winery listings based on years of review, are running a longer calendar and have even ventured a cold toe into the strange-to-us world of the day spa.

We hope that you'll use the listings and information compiled in the following pages to better enjoy your life. It's just that simple. We also hope, of course, that you catch all the small jokes we've scattered about, feel moved to spontaneously send us flowers, discover the warm sweetness of May's first strawberries, memorize a difficult and lengthy poem, learn to tango, spend an afternoon volunteering for others, take up the mandolin, make your own pasta and continue to enjoy a robust sexual life with your best beloved. But perhaps that's all better fodder for a different special issue . . .

--Gretchen Giles

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