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McSurgery to Go
For today's busy professional, the purveyors of cosmetic laser procedures have it down to a quick and tidy science. They'll even do the makeup afterward.

Mountain Whinery
Saratoga--Finally, a couple of peeps in support of the Mountain Winery amid the irascible grumbling of residents concerning noise and traffic. Twins in both name and deed, Bill Cooper of Bella Saratoga and Bill Cooper of Cooper-Garrod Vineyards pointed out at a business council meeting that the Mountain Winery summertime concerts are actually good for business. One of the Bills also noted that many mountain residents, who complain that the hills are a little too alive with music, got there long after the venue started hosting shows 40 years ago. The Mountain Winery, now under new ownership, is contemplating the addition of 750 seats. The plan has brought neighbors out in force.

Get the Lead Out
Willow Glen--And Glenites thought big houses were a nuisance. An area of Willow Glen recently received a "lead poisoning hot zone" designation, one of 73 areas countywide to share that dubious honor. The targeted area is the neighborhood north of Willow Street, where pre-1960s housing and high poverty levels match the risk indicators for lead poisoning, which can cause learning and attention problems in young children. County officials estimate 12,000 children in the valley have high levels of lead in their blood.

Spring Cleaning
Cupertino--The city has made good on its promise to a local business to clean up an old public works materials dump site on Stevens Canyon Road. Several tons of dirt with hazardous levels of acetone, oil, diesel and lead from old asphalt, concrete and clippings from the '50s and '60s were shipped off to Kettleman City, a place we might assume to be less fortunate than Cupertino. As soon as Cupertino passes the white glove--or is that white rabbit?--test by county health, it can begin restoring the property to its pre-landfill glory and new owner PH Property can relax its threat of a lawsuit.

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