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Howling Online

Allen Ginsberg, 1926-1997

Metro writers and others remember the preeminent Beat poet of his time and a long time Bay Area resident Allen Ginsberg. Plus, a collection of Ginsberg and Beat related web links.

The Howling Wolf Heads Omm: Metro Santa Cruz news editor Eric Johnson considers Ginsberg's effect on society.

A Brief Visit: Metro publisher David Cohen remembers his conversations with the poet.

Pointing to Moloch: Metro's Richard von Busack looks back on the vision of Allen Ginsberg.

In Memorium: Metro editor Dan Pulcrano's poetic kaddish.

Ginsberg's World--Then and Now: Morton Marcus looks at Ginsberg and American culture on the occasion of the poet's 1992 reading at San Jose State University.

Suzanne Baker reviews the documentary The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg, from Metro Santa Cruz.

Karen Readanz on Beat Week festivities last year in Santa Cruz.

Metro review of two books/CD-roms about the Beat Generation.

Bob Aldrich in the Los Gatos Weekly-Times writing about Neal and Carolyn Cassady, beat heroes and Monte Sereno residents.

The De Young Museum of San Francisco's "Beat Culture and the New America 1950-1965" exhibit.

Speaking the Unspeakable: Village Voice's Gary Indiana says for writers of his generation, Ginsberg was the model for not playing it safe, for saying exactly what was on your mind, regardless of anyone's squeamishness or sense of propriety.

Beat scholar Ann Douglas remembers Allen Ginsberg in the Village Voice.

Ashes & Blues: A tribute site to Ginsberg featuring his biography, poems, reader commentary and remembrances, plus links to other sites.

Shadow Changes Into Bone: The clearinghouse for all things Ginsberg online.

And The Beat Goes On: An interview with Allen Ginsberg.

Allen Ginsberg's FBI file.

A selection of Ginsberg's poetry online.

"Howl," Ginsberg's most famous poem.

Lots of links on the Beat Generation Archives page.

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