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Strip and Go-Go
Impervious to trends, the valley's flesh pots grind on, proffering the kind of forbidden pleasures known only to kids at Internet terminals in the Gilroy Public Library. Some things are best left unchanged by the whims of time.

393 Lincoln Ave., San Jose (408/292-3445)
Warm food. Cold beer. Sports on the tube. Scantily clad women in bikinis and exciting lingerie. In other words: Al Bundy heaven. Two-drink minimum but no cover charge. Full restaurant and bar. Smoking okay, which seems appropriate--if not here, where? Happy hour shows at 5:30pm daily. Late-night shows, 9:30pm­12:30am.

Brass Rail
160 Persian Dr., Sunnyvale. (408/734-1454)
There's something very postmodern about women dancing topless on video screens while swimsuit- and lingerie-wearing gals go-go in the flesh. Full bar, nachos and hot dogs provided for a different kind of hunger. Smoking permitted. Admission: $1 after 6pm. Open every day, 10am­2am.

The Candid Club
1053 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale. (408/246-3624)
Anything but candid, the club is discreetly located in a typical Sunnyvale strip mall right behind Carl's Jr. so secretive types can always tell their wives they were grabbing a bite to eat rather than ogling ecdysiasts. Full bar, pool tables, three big-screen TVs always tuned to sports. Oh, yes, and it's rumored there's nonstop topless go-go dancing. No cover charge. Open daily, 11am­2am.

The Hip Hugger
948 W. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale (408/736-8585)
The Bad News: no full-frontal nudity. The Good News: popcorn, hot dogs, microbrew and domestic beer, a pool table and two stages of raw go-go dancing. Between sets, discuss Plato with the performers. Have lunch delivered while watching the show or bring a bag lunch. It doesn't matter. It's all about good, wholesome, partially clothed fun. Never a cover charge. Open all week, 11am­2am.

Kit Kat Club
907 E. Arques Ave., Sunnyvale (408/733-2628)
Upon entering the Kit Kat Club, one word immediately comes to mind: "mood." The disco ball. The flashing colored lights. The bad '70s music. See Divine, the former junior Olympian, perform back flips totally nude to "Hotel California." Enjoy the view from a nearby booth or sit beside the stage and share an upclose, intimate moment with Roxy as she bears her soul in front of 30 strangers. Private table dances cost extra. Free lunch buffet Monday­Friday, 11:30am­3pm. Billiards; pinball; satellite TV. $15 admission.

Pink Poodle
328 S. Bascom Ave., San Jose (408/292-3685)
Porn stars regularly grace the small stage, and the owners have the autographed posters to prove it! Order a $3 nonalcoholic beverage and sidle right on up to the stage with dollar bills poised for hard-working regulars like Mary Jane. You can't take the girls from the Poodle home, but you darn well can remember them later. Live DJ; free, semidiscreet parking; adult bookstore next door; no smoking. $15/$20 porn-star nights. Open Monday­Thursday, 11am­midnight; Friday­Saturday, 11am­2am; Sunday, 5pm­1am.

T's Cabaret
1984 Old Oakland Rd., San Jose (408/453-3066)
At the South Bay's newest gentleman's club, Ts and As abound. Three stages swarm with bikini-clad dancers in the main bar area. Pay $10 to enter the more secluded V.I.P. room, where private table dances are offered. Full bar and grill. Smoking allowed. Patio seating. $3 cover, Wednesday­Saturday after 7pm. Open daily, except Sunday, 11:30am­2am.

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From the June 12-18, 1997 issue of Metro.

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