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Our Readers Write In

Some selected responses
from the Readers Survey

The Misinformed

Best Bed & Breakfast

Best Bike Trail
Mountain Charley's

Best Clash Player
Joe Strummer
(amazingly, he got seven votes)

Best College/Independent Radio Station

Best Ice Cream Shop
Dolce Espanoza

Best Indian Restaurant

Best Sharks Player
Arturs Irbe

Best Sports Team in the Bay Area
Oakland Raiders

Best TV News Hair
Wayne Shannon

The Wiseacres

Best Local Sex Symbol

Best Music Festival

Best Fishing Spot
The IRS Lobby

Best Place to Propose Marriage
Cambrian Bowl
Behind the barrel of a gun
Leather Masters
Golden Gate Bridge
Santa's Lap at Christmas in the Park

Best Place to Take to
Take Your Dog for a Walk

Quetzalcoatl statue

Best Place to Take Out-of-Town Guests
Departure gate at San Jose International Airport

Best Reporter Who Looks Like a Mom
Betsy Gephardt

Best Use of the Fox Theater
Militia meetings
Public showers
Roller disco
Monster-truck rally
Opium den

By Popular Demand

Best $1 Spent
Pink Poodle

Best Baseball/Softball Equipment
Charlie Rose

Best Bridal Show
Bridal Extravaganza

Best Corporate Drama
Apple Computer

Best Espresso Drink
Barado's Mocha Shake

Best Flea Market
De Anza College

Best Local Olympian
Amy Chow

Best Place for Laser Discs
Laser Source

Best Place to Buy Flowers

Best Sabercat
Jerry Reese

Best Saberkitten
Mia Barron

Best San Jose Lasers Player
Jennifer Azzi

Best Scuba Shop
Stan's Skindiving

Best Sports Hunk
Steve Young

Best Table Game Room
A Place to Play

Best Tanning Salon
Savage Tan

Best Trailer Park Drinks

Best Women's Bookstore

Waxing Whimsical

Best Golf Course
"Let all golf courses revert back to nature"
--Allen Royer

Best Thing to Do on a Saturday Morning
"Go to garage sales. It's the equivalent of winning the lottery. If you find something that fits, or that you like, then it's your lucky day because you know that it only exists in that one place in that particular moment and it's for sale for dirt cheap! (if you know how to bargain)."
--Ha Tran

Best Place to Get a Psychic Reading
"Berkeley Psychic Institute of Mountain View. Where else can you have a bunch of people sit around a room and talk only about you for two hours? Plus they're accurate enough to upset your whole family."
--David Corcoran

Best Toothpick
"Gombei. A toothpick is a toothpick-or is it? Minted, wrapped in cellophane, curly topped, press-a-dispense or straight up. Whatever your experience, you'll forget about all the rest when you feast your teeth upon the ornate hardwood splendor of the Gombei pick. Intricate grooves adorn the crown of this gracile dental instrument. For me, I've made my choice, but you must take your pick." (toothpick attached)
--Kathy McEvers

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From the 1996 Best of the Valley issue of Metro, September 19-25

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