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This Week
September 19-25, 1996

Trendspotters: The surveys are in,
the ballots counted and the truth is
out about dog parks, TV hair and
the best local sex symbol, with
answers running from astute to
appalling. Metro tallies up the
winners in its annual Best of the
Santa Clara Valley issue, according
to those who should know: readers
who turned in completed surveys.

Also, our own know-it-all writers and editors scour the urban landscape to ferret out lesser-known but distinctively honorable mentions.

The Best of ...

Food & Drink
Readers' Survey
Staff Picks

Goods & Services
Readers' Survey
Staff Picks

People & Places
Readers' Survey
Staff Picks

Arts & Culture
Readers' Survey
Staff Picks

Sports & Recreation
Readers' Survey
Staff Picks

Plus the write-ins

Public Eye: Superior Court Justice candidates compete for endorsements

Arts & Entertainment
Pop Heart: Illeana Douglas saves meandering 'Grace of My Heart.'

Double Damme: Ringo Lam brings Hong Kong pace to Van Damme's latest actioner.

Pity Poor Puccini: Frederic Mitterrand's screen adaptation of the opera classic clips wings of 'Madame Butterfly.'

Gang Trusters: Sixties gang life grips Glasgow's youth in 'Small Faces.'

Sonic Panoramas: R.E.M. surveys the emotional landscape on America on 'New Adventures in Hi-Fi.'

Jimi Jams To the Blues: Jimi Hendrix and the Kings of the blues influenced young lion James Armstrong.

American Sputnik: Pianist Van Cliburn's early triumph in Moscow has made him a rare, bankable star of classical music.

Mob Scene on the Far Side: De La Soul, Fishbone and the Goodie Mob stake out the far side of black pop music.

Jazz on the Bay: Jon Jang and his Sextet bring an improvisational twist to this weekend's Monterey Jazz Festival.

Audiofile: Reviews of the latest CDs by Custer LaRue, Trouble Funk, Cedar Walton and Dr. Octagon.

Beat Street: A clip and save guide to SoFA Festival club happenings.

Music 1, Plot 0: Handel's score outpaces story in OSJosé's 'Xerxes.'

Keystone Musical: 'Mack & Mabel' renders Sennett story in song.

Limits Of the Unbound: Robin McCloskey's photographs stand out from the pack at 'Unbound and Exposed' show.

West Words: Allen Barra's exclusive deconstruction of the book of Ken Burns' 'The West.'

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