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[whitespace] News From Silicon Valley's Neighborhoods

Field of Dreams
The burgeoning city of Morgan Hill hopes to join the municipal big leagues by planting high tech in its open fields. But not everyone agrees.

Fringe Politics
Campbell--A handful of folks showed up for an "Emergency Meeting to Save the US President" at the Pruneyard Inn Saturday. But within minutes, organizer Bob Ingraham--who also happens to head up the local Lyndon LaRouche organization--began mapping out a vast conspiracy to undermine Clinton: the same conspiracy, he explained, which has attacked wacko cult-politician LaRouche for years.

Neighborhood Bully
Los Gatos--John Musumeci, the developer looking to build on 1,100 acres above Lexington Reservoir, has been starting legal brawls around here ever since his company, Arlie Land and Cattle, showed up in town in 1997. He's recently lost two of those fights. His attempt to silence local critics by suing the Greenbelt Alliance was thrown out of court last Thursday ; 13 days earlier, he failed in an effort to evict would-be golf course tycoon Pete Denevi from a portion of the property.

Trouble Trees
Saratoga--Folks who live with them know what a menace eucalyptus trees can be--falling over like toothpicks in storms, dropping limbs like leaves. Now, the Saratoga school board is being rocked by controversy over the fate of 10 of the willowy, pungent giants at a local elementary school.

Apocalypse Soon
Santa Clara--Helen Caldicott says she is not a Christian, but she speaks often of Armageddon. "I think that within 10 years, 10 countries will have the bomb, and within 20, if America doesn't stop this madness, we'll have a nuclear war," says the co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, who will speak at Mission College on Friday, Oct. 2.

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