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[whitespace] News From Silicon Valley's Neighborhoods

Dan Lungren
Jail Baiting
How California's shocking record of prison killings went unchecked by Attorney General Dan Lungren.

Garage Band
Los Altos--"Angels" abound in the valley. They have millions to invest and experience running technology companies. But only a precious few have seats at the Los Altos Country Club, where the famed "Band of Angels" listens to pitch after pitch from entrepreneurs. A new startup called Garage.com, headed by Macintosh marketing whiz Guy Kawasaki, hopes to connect some of the best-heeled angels with hot entrepreneurs who aren't yet ready to quit their day jobs.

Shutter Bugged
Campbell--City Council candidate Bud Alne says he didn't believe he was violating the law when he posed for a campaign-brochure photo next to a Campbell patrol car. But city attorney William Seligmann, who told Alne that he could not use a police vehicle for his political ads, says the photo violates the California Political Reform Act. Now, Alne is invoking the First Amendment, and Seligman is going to let the violation pass.

Carpool Rage
San Jose--By Christmas, 30 city employees will ditch their cars and commute to work in shiny-new vans powered by natural gas--gifts from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. But the densely worded contract that prospective carpoolers must sign to get in the program might elicit its own brand of road rage.

Candy Money
Willow Glen--Early last week, Bernie and Robyn Levine, who own Details Clothing Company on Lincoln Avenue, spent nearly $100 at the supermarket on silver- and plastic-wrapped candies and chocolates. But only a small portion of these treats will be saved for Halloween; the rest will be passed out Oct. 30 during Trick-or-Treat on the Avenue--an event that has exploded to become bittersweet for many merchants. "It kills business for the whole day," Levine said. "No one shops because there are just too many people and there's nowhere to park."

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