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Xmas Ransacking
Cupertino--'Tis the season for burglaries. For the past two years, Cupertino has experienced a rash of them during the holiday season and, strangely enough, thiefs seem to be targeting the homes of Asian American families. While the Sheriff's Department can't say exactly why criminals mark Asian homes, it may be a belief they contain more jewelry and cash than other ethnic homes. So far, the department hasn't seen any rise in burglaries but thinks the pattern of previous years may continue as people begin leaving town for the holidays.

Druggy Drinks
Los Gatos--The Los Gatos-Monte Sereno Police Department believes someone or persons may have spiked the drinks of two female patrons at Los Gatos bars. In both cases--one which occurred in July, the other in November--the woman became quickly intoxicated and then sick. Although no crime was associated with either incident, the department is making an effort to heighten awareness of "date-rape" drugs, including GHB, gamma hydroxybutyrate, which was slipped into both drinks. It is currently a federal crime to possess, transport or distribute GHB or its precursors.

Stadium Struggle
Saratoga--A ruling which would allow the West Valley-Mission Community College District to develop an athletic stadium on the West Valley campus, even though the city's zoning law prohibits stadiums in Saratoga, is being appealed.

Hotly contested by neighboring residents who feared traffic, drinking, reckless driving and decreased property values would harm the area, the Saratoga City Council finally appealed the ruling. "The city council has been absolutely great," said resident Jeffrey Schwartz.

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