Novel Idea

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Creators of Asian American literary anthology recount their struggle to be read.

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Painted Lady

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Diamond Laundry’s iconic vintage billboard is finally getting restored.

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See Here

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Photographer gets inspired by graffiti, new baby for ‘Poof I’m Gone.’

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Speed City

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San Jose State University track stars couldn’t outrun racism in the 1950s.

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Noble Laureates

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Global Good awards honor innovators who empower women through technology.

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Going Native

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Reworked guide to San Jose focuses on the people behind the places.

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Diving In

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Columnist recalls many a happy hour spent at SoFA District’s Cactus Club.

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Playing Around

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San Jose Chamber Orchestra’s season spans Silicon Valley’s venues.

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Sound Decision

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The Anti-Man recalls a fateful musical gig that led to career change.

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Writing Life

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San Jose State University’s ‘Reed Magazine’ mirrors the school’s development.

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Thumbnail for Condo-pocalypse

Bracing for the inevitable upsurge of Google-driven development on San Carlos Street.

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Blight or Bling?

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One man’s blighted, throwaway eyesore is another man’s local character.

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Memory Lane

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Normandin dealership keeps family’s business legacy alive.

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Student Guide Fall 2019

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A cheat sheet for living large on the cheap in Silicon Valley.

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Spaced Out

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Displaced ‘Anti-Man-About-Town’ columnist has the co-working man’s blues.

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By A Vowel

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The Emporium’s mid-century neon ‘Big E’ is being restored to landmark status.

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As murals and public art spread throughout San Jose, gentrification displaces the local artists who helped make the area attractive.

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Jazzed Up

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Three decades in, SJZ Summer Fest delivers with tradition, genre transgression.

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Novel Honor

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Band’s repertoire has strong links to Steinbeck’s body of work.

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Vital Link

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Cafe Stritch pays its annual homage to its ‘cosmic patron saint.’

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