Let Freedom Ring(My Cellphone)

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Electronic Disturbance Theater 2.0's artistic and political statement recalls the independent burn of Founding Fathers.

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Alchemy for You

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Ancient craft to create gold inspires soul-searching at Rosicrucian.

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Game On

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Student programmers create a video game that doubles as a teaching tool on digital privacy.

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School Salon

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Urban art contest calls attention to inspiring crop of student artists.

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Zero Heroes

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SubZERO Fest reaches its wonderfully weird potential with art partners.

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Between the Lines

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Silicon Valley Roller Girls expand mission to serve more than hits.

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J-Town Flick Fest

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The Japantown Film Festival will feature documentaries, short films, animation.

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Glass House

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'Sparks' exhibit provides rare timeline of glass sculpture movement.

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Quarter Club

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MACLA celebrates legacy of meshing new school, tradition on 25th anniversary.

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Ballet Blitz

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Creative Collisions mixes wearable technology, dance and audiences.

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Synchronicity Search

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Quest for urban blight, local history and Zen hits double digits.

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Artists Advance

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The 25th Artist Laureate Awards mark a quarter-century of creativity in Silicon Valley.

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Just Peachy

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The Plentiful Peach mashes ideology and art in imaginative performance.

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Type of History

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New exhibit uncovers history of the written word in Santa Clara Valley.

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New Hood

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Little Italy creates a new identity with unveiling of community funded gateway arch.

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Happy Control

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Elisha Goldstein reveals secrets to rewiring your brain in his new book, 'Uncovering Happiness.'

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Beyond Human

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Transhuman Strategies conference explores our robotically augmented future .

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Quest Love

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San Jose's anti-man-about-town falls hard for city's annual film festival.

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The Short of It

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A quarter-century of Cinequest lends greater cred to festival's short films.

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The Wide Side

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Barco demonstrates a new method of cinematic escape- the three-sided screen.

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