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Nov 22, 2023

San Jose State Student Housing at Hilton Signia Hotel

San Jose State student housing proposal at the Hilton Signia Hotel in downtown. More housing means more business downtown.
Anderson Dam, Anderson Reservoir, Valley Water
Nov 15, 2023

Anderson Reservoir Costs Triple

Morgan Hill’s Anderson Dam may present large problems and costs to the County in the event of a natural disaster.
San Jose Police Department, K’aun Green, shooting, racist text messages
Nov 8, 2023

San Jose Police Department Shooter Sent Racist Texts

A San Jose Police Department officer sent racist text messages to fellow officers before wrongfully shooting a Black man.
WalletHub, Climate Smart San Jose, green, environment
Nov 8, 2023

San José Voted Second Greenest City in the State

Climate Smart San José received high "green" ranking by a WalletHub survey of the nation's most environmental cities.
Cindy Chavez, Matt Mahan, San Jose, Mayor
Nov 8, 2023

Cindy Chavez Not Running for Mayor This Election

Cindy Chavez announced she will not be running for mayor with only one month left to file. Mahan is the only candidate for 2024.
SJPD, City Council, military equipment
Nov 1, 2023

SJPD Wants to Stockpile Military Weapons

The SJPD wants to purchase military equipment that can be used against criminal suspects and unruly protestors.
Copita Willow Glen, restaurant, food, tacos
Nov 1, 2023

Copita Willow Glen Comes to Town

Willow Glen welcomes a new restaurant on the block. Copita Willow Glen celebrates all things street tacos and agave-based spirits.

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