Basement Tapes

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‘Juliet, Naked’ is a generous and funny transatlantic romance.

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Open Windows

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In ‘Searching,’ San Jose filmmaker studies the vanishing of a teenage girl.

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Stockholm Syndrome

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Glenn Close does her best, but ‘The Wife’ is little more than a prestigious soap opera.

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Singapore Fling

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‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is… OK…

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So Serious

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In the decade since the release of ‘The Dark Knight,’ critics and academics still can’t agree on what it all means.

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Piecing It Together

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In ‘Puzzle,’ a lonely housewife finds liberation through competitive jigsawing.

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Sharkey’s Day

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In trailers and promo posters, ‘The Meg’ promises a bigger bite than it delivers.

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Bobbito Speaks

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Inspiring autobiographical doc profiles Bobbito Garcia, a man at the nexus of cool.

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Minority Report

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Spike Lee’s latest is a winner about an unlikely undercover mission.

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Cocaine Cowboys

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The glory of Peru and the madness of Dennis Hopper are on full display in ‘The Last Movie.’

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Blondes & Bond

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Marilyn Monroe, Sean Connery and Roger Moore all star in revivals at 3Below.

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Lady Killers

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‘The Spy Who Dumped Me’ is a crass, chick-buddy flick aimed at dudes.

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Completely ‘Impossible’

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‘Mission: Impossible—Fallout’ is a knockout, excelling in its mix of trickery and brute force.

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Wheeled Victory

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Joaquin Phoenix is memorable in new Gus Van Sant biopic on cartoonist.

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The Town

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‘Blindspotting’ continues summer trend of highlighting inequality in Oakland.

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Stuck in the Middle

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In ‘Eighth Grade,’ early adolescent Kayla balances an awkward social life and highly polished social media presence.

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King of What

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In documentary ‘The King,’ Elvis is a metaphor for American malaise.

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Not So Little Women

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Robert Pattinson and Mia Wasikowska star in ‘Damsel,’ a black comedy masquerading as a Western.

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Traces of Humanity

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Ben Foster plays to his actorly strengths—by suppressing them—in the moving ‘Leave No Trace.’

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Oh, Bother

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New film ‘Sorry to Bother You’ examines destructive, surreal force of privilege.

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