.Barry Holtzclaw

barry holtzclaw, managing editor sanjoseinside
Three decades of journalism experience, as a writer and editor with Gannett, Knight-Ridder and Lee newspapers, as a business journal editor and publisher and as a weekly newspaper editor in Scotts Valley and Gilroy; with Weeklys Publishing since 2017. Recipient of several first-place writing and editing awards, California News Publishers Association.
Kaiser Permanente, Kaiser Permanente illegal dumping, Kaiser fines
Sep 20, 2023

Dumpster Diving

Kaiser admits to illegally disposed waste and patient records, which caused the company millions of dollars in penalties.
Stanford president resignation, investigative journalist, student, Stanford freshman, Theo Baker, Stanford Daily, Tessier-Lavigne
Aug 23, 2023

Stanford President’s Real Resignation

Theo Baker cracked the case that led to Stanford president's resignation
san jose state university, san jose state, california state university
Jul 26, 2023

CSU Exposed: Report shows state-wide case mishandlings

The California State Auditor released a report last week that found the CSU system routinely failed to address sexual harassment allegations across some of...
news, local news, events, community, Silicon Valley, San Jose, SJSU, San Jose State
Jul 4, 2023

San Jose State Students’ Future Heads Towards Annual 6% Tuition Hikes

For a little more than a decade, students who enrolled at San Jose State University and the other California State University campuses could count...
news, local news, events, community, Silicon Valley, San Jose
Jun 27, 2023

Back to Basics

If it walks like a re-election campaign, and talks like a re-election campaign, it probably is. Fresh off what he called a “victory” in his...
news, local news, events, community, Silicon Valley, San Jose
Jun 21, 2023

Grabbed Land

The Wildlands Conservancy announced it has purchased a sprawling 14,100-acre ranch in Carmel Valley from billionaire Apple co-founder Mike Markkula for $35 million. Markkula, also...
Jun 14, 2023

Hard Bargains: San Jose Comes Down to the Wire With City Employee Contracts

June is a big decision month for City Hall, and it’s not just about the city of San Jose’s 2023-24 budget. The storm clouds...
Jun 7, 2023

Short-Term Think: Will a Tax on Short-Term Rentals Deflate the Airbnb Bubble?

The short-term and Airbnb rental market could tighten by 2025, as state lawmakers look for new sources of money to fund affordable housing projects. The...

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