.Don Le

Nov 23, 2022

Santa Clara County Educators Fight for Safer Classrooms

As historian Jacques Barzun once wrote, “Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” The underpaid and...
District 3
Oct 26, 2022

Candidates Race To Represent San Jose’s Most Populated Districts

The outcome of the current San Jose City Council races will have a lasting impact on three of the most populous districts in the...
Oct 19, 2022

Four Non-Permanent Residents Receive Santa Clara Voting Ballots

Four San Jose non-citizen permanent residents received Santa Clara County 2022 election ballots even though they are not U.S. citizens, according to a concerned...
San Jose
Oct 13, 2022

Cindy Chavez and Matt Mahan Battle for Votes

Four weeks out from San Jose’s Nov. 8 mayoral election, San Jose mayoral candidates Matt Mahan and Cindy Chavez will meet for a two-hour...

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Tickets to The Original San Jose Nutcracker
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