.Emily Coletta

Diunna Greenleaf
Jun 14, 2023

West of Texas: Living Legend Diunna Greenleaf Graces the 40th Annual Fountain Blues Festival

It is the 102nd birthday of Diunna Greenleaf’s grandmother and, as she does every year, she teaches her granddaughter a song. She sings “He...
Aaryan Doshi, Prudential Emerging Visionaries
May 31, 2023

Going in (Good) Circles With CirFin and the City of Cupertino

What if the moment a car—or an iPhone, or a couch—left the lot it increased in value, rather than decreased? What if plastic forks...
Shapel Lacey
May 24, 2023

Shapel Lacey’s Refreshing Honesty

Stand-up comedian Shapel Lacey sits in his car outside Starbucks on Zoom. Speaking from the front seat, he drinks a coffee and looks straight...
Lucy Camp
May 3, 2023

Lucy Camp Busts Out ‘S’Mores Vol. 1’

Before Lucy Camp was Lucy Camp, she was LuzID, a mash-up of her name and Freud’s “id.”  For Freud, the id represents a person’s basic,...
Grand Horizons
Apr 5, 2023

Life, Love, Death and Divorce in ‘Grand Horizons’

Julian López-Morillas has his Zoom camera off, but his voice is clear and strong.  “Shakespeare wrote 37 plays that we know of and I’ve been...
K-Ming Chang author photo
Feb 22, 2023

Speculative South Bay

It’s trash day in Japantown and, even still, it’s easy to find parking a few blocks up from Roy’s Station. Outside it is sunny,...
Carlos Rodriguez
Feb 1, 2023

Bay Area Graffiti Legends Share Their Stories

The year is 1983 and Robert “Nexus” Ortiz and his friend David “Demo” Woodham Jr. have walked to an underpass on West San Carlos...
Brian Earl
Dec 21, 2022

Brian Earl’s Christmas Past Reveals Holiday Secrets

Brian Earl sits on Zoom in front of a handmade fireplace diorama, a bookshelf strung with Christmas lights and a keyboard, upon which I...

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