‘Togacinco’ Shreds Beyond the Bay

Local skate collective Toga Crew premiere their fifth and final film at the Ritz.

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Modern Conflict

A 1991 documentary about peace talks in California sheds light on modern possibilities for Palestinians and Israelis.

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Show Goes On

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After cutting Cinequest short last year, the annual film festival is back online.


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Big Shorts

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Zach Woods' 'David' Delights at SJSFF.

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House Arrest

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What to stream while sheltering in place.

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Dark Times

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Iranian film ‘The Night’ follows one couple’s hellish journey to daylight.

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Pants Recaptured

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In ‘Onward,’ two brothers set out on a quest from their ordinary elvish suburb.

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Burning Women

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‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’—‘paint me like your French girls.’

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Big Eyes

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A quartet of Tex Avery screwball classics finally gets the Blu-ray treatment.

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Truth, Lies & Samurai

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Toshiro Mifune stars in an Akira Kurosawa double-feature at the Stanford Theatre.

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Wishing Hell

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Tarkovsky goes to the mall in big-screen adaptation of ‘Fantasy Island.’

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Thumbnail for Flightless

In ‘Birds of Prey,’ girls just wanna have mayhem.

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Eating Good

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Scorcese’s classic ‘Goodfellas’ is next up in the Culinary Cinema series.

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Thumbnail for Skankamola

Guy Richie’s ‘The Gentlemen’ has plenty of wordplay, but no bad bastards.

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Bald Fury

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In the 10th season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David sees wrongs and tries to right them… wrongly.

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Best Bits

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The Aquarius screens five Oscar-nominated animated shorts.

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The Aeronauts

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‘The Aeronauts’ on Amazon is a mile-high adventure ride.

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Thumbnail for Entrenched

Sam Mendes digs into WW I, editing ‘1917’ to look like one long take.

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Rocky Road

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The new Adam Sandler-starring ‘Uncut Gems’ is pretty, but lacks focus.

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Bad Kitties

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The film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s ‘Cats’ is absolutely pawful.

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