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.Alluring Cedar Room

Nested within the busy Pruneyard, this yummy eatery pairs drinks and dishes with new releases.

music in the park san jose

Tucked away like a treasure within the Pruneyard Shopping Center, right where Boswells once cast its historical shadow, lies a humble yet magnetic little haven. 

The Cedar Room, a modest spot attached to the Pruneyard Cinemas, carries a certain aura of mystery. Despite having set its roots there in 2018, the hidden gem is just attracting a growing number of curious patrons.

Step inside and at first glance, it could be mistaken for just another unassuming rustic wooden-walled nook in the vast array of the Pruneyard’s bustling offerings–a myriad of eateries and shops that make up the fabric of this historic Campbell landmark.

What may seem like a nondescript cozy bar at first, reveals itself to be a humble temple of live entertainment and liquid artistry. However, the appeal goes beyond the diverse range of beer taps and bottles, housing exotic spirits; it’s equally about the people behind the bar and the hands that skillfully concoct each cocktail with a blend of finesse and pride.

At the helm of the imaginatively curated cocktail program, is Ray Villaruiz, working in tandem with Taylor and Dylan Haysbert–a dynamic sibling duo who’ve been integral to the Cedar Room from day one. Crafting their own syrups, juices and infusions in-house, they blend classic cocktails along with the latest trends and movie releases, adding their distinctive touch. 

They craft inventive, movie-matched cocktails. Their delicious vodka-based Barbie-themed drink, a nod to Greta Gerwig, has turned the Cedar into a top distributor of Absolut Vodka in Northern California. 

Amidst the ever-evolving post-pandemic restaurant landscape, the concept of dine-in cinemas coupled with inviting lounges has sprouted across the country. While many venues opt for what’s regarded as “safe” comfort food, Cedar takes this notion to another level. Although you’ll encounter some recognizable comfort classics on their menu, what sets them apart is a distinct flair for imagination and an unmistakable touch of innovation.

The changing seasonal menu offers familiar items with a twist. If you’re aiming for a lighter summer option, the gluten-free Summer Strawberry Salad is refreshing.  However, I am not one of those people looking to maintain my summer figure, so I opted for the new Cowboy Blues Burger, which showcases their unique 3-way burger blend.

This large and tender burger brings together chuck, brisket and ribeye for a flavor combo that’s on a whole other level, elevating every bite with its added layers of flavor. A patty that’s got a hint of smokiness from being grilled just right. 

Then, there’s the BBQ sauce–a touch of sweetness that mixes perfectly with the smoky vibe. Crispy bacon and caramelized onions jump in for extra flavor and a satisfying crunch. And, just when you think you’ve got it all figured out: Boom! The bleu cheese shows up, adding a tangy kick you didn’t see coming.

Served alongside their impeccably seasoned fries (crunchy and full flavored on the outside, yet wonderfully soft on the inside) this dish truly exceeded expectations.

Whether you’re planning on stopping by to catch a quick bite, a live performance, or just killing time before a movie, the Cedar Room holds undeniable value worth a visit.


  1. Wow! You had me at liquid artistry, but I need one of those burgers!
    I hear there’s pretty awesome DJ that rocks the house now and then as well.

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music in the park san jose