.Artist Profile: Jason Adams, American Icons and the Human Condition

If art is a mirror to society, it’s no wonder why San Jose-based artist Jason Adams’ work is so popular. Whether it’s Marilyn Monroe wearing an eye patch that reads “Luv Me,” or a portrait of Charles Bukowski entitled “Kill Yourself Laughing,” his work speaks to the inner desires of the underdog in all of us. His stylized renditions draw from a vast arena of subjects, which share a common feel. That feel, a combination of stencil art and freeform paint strokes, takes familiar images and turns them into tones of emotion, rather than just skillfully crafted reproductions.
losthighway66.com, will prove that kind of attitude an unfortunate one. With that there seems to be a parallel between skateboarding and Jason’s art. Once upon a time the mainstream didn’t think anything of skateboarding, then one day it just shoved its way into the consciousness of America, made itself a sandwich, and sat down to stay. That’s probably the fate awaiting Jason’s art. It’s only a matter of time before its popularity reaches critical mass and explodes all over lunch boxes and car commercials. Of course, at that point Jason will probably abandon it for another underdog endeavor in need of nourishment.
Jason Adam’s work will be on display locally at Black and Brown’s 7-year anniversary show on Saturday March 31.


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