.Dan Mitchell

Man and woman in front of the water
May 15, 2024

Old-School Advocates Preserve California Cannabis History

A few activists decided to address widespread ignorance of cannabis history, especially among those working in the legal industry.
Toy men moving around marijuana buds on top of dollar bills
May 1, 2024

MedMen’s Demise: Harbinger of Valuing Cash Over Flash?

In cannabis, you have to make sales, and those sales have to earn a profit. MedMen tried to emulate the tech boom, and failed miserably.
Single car key covered by the sign for "No" (circle with an X through it) made of crumbled marijuana
Apr 17, 2024

Outdated Federal Drug Testing Drives Truckers Away

Thousands of workers are leaving commercial trucking because the federal government refuses to update antiquated marijuana policies.
Black and white photo of older man with a beard
Apr 10, 2024

Poet, Protestor and Pot Activist: Remembering John Sinclair

Advocating for cannabis laws was just one of the late passions of the late John Sinclair, who passed away last week at age 82.
cannabis, weed, pot, marijuana, pot shots, chronic, Congress, Democrats, Republicans
Mar 27, 2024

Weed Reeps Among Democrats

Support for legalization still comes mostly from Democrats, despite strange bedfellows.
cannabis high, DUI, San Jose, Silicon Valley, driving high, drunk driving
Mar 13, 2024

Cannabis and Driving High Standards

Determining whether a person is too ‘impaired’ to drive is proving to be a slippery slope. When are you too high to drive?
Kamala Harris, chronic, cannabis, President Joe Biden, election
Feb 14, 2024

Kamala Harris and Cannabis Reform

Setting the cannabis record straight for Vice President Kamala Harris ahead of a major election year.
cannabis, republicans, democrats, cannabis reform
Feb 7, 2024

Democrats vs. Republicans on Cannabis Reform

Prohibitionist Republicans exploit tragic death with proposed resolution for research regarding cannabis reform.

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