.John Flynn

Nov 20, 2019

Patton Oswalt at San Jose Civic

These days, Patton Oswalt’s primary job is being a dad. But even after starring in the Pixar hit Ratatouille, shining in indie darlings like...
Jun 27, 2018

Recovering The Satellites

As a professional photographer, Mike Rasay has shot three NBA Finals, but he prefers the excitement of his day job at Santa Clara University, where he's the head of day-to-day operations for the school's satellite program. Long seen as the little sister to Stanford University, SCU's satellite program owns the impressive distinction of being the only university to trust undergraduate students as operators of NASA missions.
May 2, 2018

All Jokes Aside

Bell makes a point of attempting to shake people out of their preconceived notions, not that he believes he'll save the world. A disciple of Jon Stewart's school of blending humor and insight while covering the news, he sees the praise that he and others originally heaped upon this style of comedy as a bit naive.
Nov 1, 2017

Future Brain: Stanford Explores New Frontiers of Interdependency between Computing, Human Mind

Translating readings from the brain into an input for a computer that spits out corresponding motions isn't an easy task, nor does it fit into any one field of study. So, Shenoy founded the Neural Prosthetic Systems Laboratory at Stanford and oversees a multidisciplinary team of researchers specializing in bioengineering, electrical engineering, neuroscience and more.
Feb 8, 2017

Bay Area Wedding Singers Share Their Secrets

Nothing can stop them. The gates of business schools yawn open every summer and disgorge new legions of MBAs, coming to make their bones in the valley. The rents and property values pierce the skies and reach the orbit of Saturn. Once a refuge for endangered creatures of all sizes, San Francisco is today a bleached coral reef. Fresh indentured slaves arrive from Uttar Pradesh by the planeload, clutching visas that evaporate at the mere frown of a supervisor. The roads back up to Vacaville. The crux, perhaps: the insanely great iHorror Apple-caused traffic snarl at 237 and 880 in Milpitas. This reliable jam is so dreadful that it cannot be described in the tongues of men, but only in the shrieks of an electrocuted cockatoo. And we learn, just as the Ohlones learned, as the ranchers learned, as the farmers learned after them: life in a boomtown can really suck.
Jan 25, 2017

Cracking Up

The New Ballet School's company dancers will perform a series of new works by local and national choreographers as a part of the young organization's New Works Program.
Sep 14, 2016

A Requiem for the Driver

Autonomous vehicles will soon be present rather than future, and the consequences are as exciting as they are existential.
Sep 14, 2016

A Blurr to Remember

Santa Clara’s new eatery Blurr Kitchen fuses different cuisines to stellar results.

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