.Kelly Vance

Woman with paint on her face, holding a gun, stands by some sort of vehicle
May 22, 2024

‘Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga’ Travels a Familiar Highway

George Miller’s gaudy franchise about a gasoline-deprived Australia and the adventures of a lone rebel stands out in a crowded field of dystopian fantasies.
Freeway filled with gridlock and wrecked cars
Apr 17, 2024

Alex Garland Envisions ‘Civil War’ in Not-Distant-Enough Future

‘Civil War’ is the ripped-from-the-collective-nightmare story of a small group of sympathetic characters caught up in a large-scale internal armed conflict in the United States.
Cabrini, film, movie, movie review, film review, theater
Mar 27, 2024

Cabrini Parallels Current Issues

Cabrini is a nun whose story resonates in today’s divided society and speaks volumes in the religious realms.
Drive-Away Dolls, movie, movie review, film, film review, San Jose, Silicon Valley
Feb 28, 2024

Drive-Away Dolls Film Review

Drive-Away Dolls needs some roadside assistance.
Napoleon, Napoleon Bonaparte, film review, movie review
Nov 29, 2023

Film Review of Ridley Scott’s Napoleon

Napoleon’s grisly battles and French sex life make an extreme presence on the big screen in a lot of San Jose's theaters.
Killers of the Flower Moon, Martin Scorsese, western movie, movie
Oct 19, 2023

Manifest Destiny: Killers of the Flower Moon

Scorsese’s first western, Killers of the Flower Moon, spins a vivid tale of greed and murder in a historical setting.
Invisible Beauty, documentary, Bethann Hardison, fashion industry
Sep 27, 2023

The Color of Fashion

Provocative doc Invisible Beauty asks big questions regarding ethnicity in the fashion world from the 60s and beyond.
Oppenheimer, Barbie, blockbuster, new release, box office hit, box office, theater, movies, movie, movie theater
Jul 26, 2023

Barbie & the Bomb: the Summer of Barbenheimer

So intense has been the advertising run-up to the Warner/Mattel candy-mobile Barbie that some may wonder what makes it worth the hype.  What’s so special...

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