.Tad Malone

Sep 21, 2022

Mortuous Release New Album, ‘Upon Desolation’

On a surface level, death metal can seem monotonous, but upon deeper investigation this musical genre opens up into a labyrinth of sound and...
Jeff Ross
Sep 20, 2022

Roast Master Jeff Ross Appears at The Improv

Jeff Ross has had arguably one of the most interesting career trajectories in recent comedic history. A New Jersey native, Ross got his start...
WWE’s Monday Night Raw
Sep 14, 2022

Dolph Ziggler Wrestles at WWE Monday Night Raw in San Jose

There is perhaps nothing more American than professional wrestling.  More so than baseball or even apple pie, professional wrestling encapsulates the often subtle but equally...
Alice in Chains
Aug 30, 2022

Alice in Chains Play With Breaking Benjamin and Bush

A hard-rock triumvirate is coming to Shoreline featuring best-selling acts Alice in Chains, Breaking Benjamin and Bush. Headliners Alice in Chains burst onto the...
Aug 9, 2022

Joyride!, Diners, Dogbreth & Natasha Sandworms at Playback Studios

Playback Studios in San Jose is quickly making a name for itself as a live venue featuring upcoming musical innovators, ranging the gamut from...
Nirvana Soul
Jul 27, 2022

Nirvana Soul After Dark Brings San Jose Musicians Together

For a city that prides itself on the support of the arts and its eclectic and widespread creative community, San Jose provides little in...
Kamasi Washington
Jul 26, 2022

Kamasi Washington Plays at Guild Theatre

A tenor saxophonist by trade, Kamasi Washington has enchanted audiences with his progressive, improvisational sound, widening the boundaries of jazz music since bursting onto...
Brain Tourniquet
Jul 5, 2022

Brain Tourniquet Rocks the X Bar

This week, the rockers at X Bar will witness the extreme fitness and finesse of DC-based outfit Brain Tourniquet. The latest in a storied...

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