.BART Blunder

Earlier today I had to call 911 from the brand new VTA/BART Berryessa station. When the operator asked me for the address, I could only give the bus stop ID number because it didn’t have a street address and there wasn’t one listed at the building. Fortunately, help had been called but there was a sincere problem. One: Why don’t 911 operators know the 511 Bay Area stop ID numbers. Two: When I called VTA to ask about it the initial response was to have the call routed to BART police BUT the problem was when BART police did show up the officer said the bus stop was NOT his jurisdiction. Third : while I was trying to figure out the bus stop address I asked a VTA transit operator and they did not know guessing it was 931 on the side of the building this conflicts with the information I just received from VTA customer service showing the bus stop as 1601 ??? Third: yes, BART police would be helpful INSIDE the BART station but this was a medical emergency for an ambulance -isn’t this a NEW facility for both VTA and BART (where’s the defibulator? ) finally, while this happened where was the alwaysabsent except for events VTA Security Allied Security officer? Fortunately the woman did get medical help and I went on my way but in the event of a more severe emergency what is the address?

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