.Breaking Dawn in Los Gatos

Breaking Dawn brings brunch fusion to another level

In the picturesque streets of Los Gatos, a new brunch destination called Breaking Dawn is boldly challenging the conventional boundaries of early dining. This innovative eatery artfully melts various cultural flavors presenting a fusion that captivates the palate and enriches the now mainstream brunch concept. 

Breaking Dawn brings weekend energy all week. Open from Tues. to Sun., it offers a unique fusion of Vietnamese, Korean, Mexican and American cuisines, complemented by creative cocktails and lively music from a live DJ.

The grand opening mid-February was an event marked by a harmonious blend of culture, community and tasty food. The day held clear skies—a welcome break from the relentless rain—setting the perfect stage. Distinguished guests including the mayor and members of the Los Gatos Chamber of Commerce were in attendance. Traditional drummers were accompanied by a spectacle of lion-dragon dancers. 

As the celebration continued, guests were treated to sample-sized plates showcasing the restaurant’s diverse menu, along with rich Vietnamese coffee and a variety of signature cocktails, providing a taste of what makes Breaking Dawn stand apart.

One week after the celebration, I had the pleasure of speaking with Liz Truong, the visionary restaurateur behind Breaking Dawn. With decades of experience in the fast-casual dining sector, Liz had ventured into uncharted territory with Breaking Dawn. This is her first time diving into a unique concept like this, highlighting her fresh creativity.

This restaurant holds a special place in Liz’s story, marking her first venture into this particular style of restaurant. The name “Breaking Dawn” serves multiple purposes: it not only signifies the start of the day but carries personal significance reflecting her children as well. The golden pig in the restaurant’s logo nods to her daughter, born in the year of the golden pig, symbolizing luck and prosperity. Additionally, the menu pays tribute to her firstborn son, incorporating and elevating some of his favorite dishes. In every aspect, Breaking Dawn stands as a testament to Liz’s personal and professional evolution, making the dining experience unique, intimate and meaningful.

The interior of this historic building—once a bank and later various eateries—has undergone a stunning transformation. It’s unrecognizable from its past lives. Now, it’s a place distinguished by a crisp and harmonious design.

My return visit gave me a chance to try two signature dishes—the “Fo Sizzle” and the “RBF” (Resting Brunch Face). The RBF, a pandan waffle with juicy fried chicken, was an impressive fusion of flavors. The waffle, with the sweet, aromatic essence of pandan, offers a unique twist to the dish, pairing perfectly with the crispy, savory crunch of the fried chicken. 

The Fo Sizzle was a definite standout feature and was recommended by several staff members. A delectable platter served with a choice of three proteins: Beef, Chicken or Shrimp. Opting for the beef, I was presented with a sizzling cast iron plate showcasing a perfectly cooked sunny-side-up egg, alongside succulent roasted tomatoes, earthy mushrooms, tangy pickled onions and a sprinkle of fresh scallions. While the dish stands out on its own, it is further enhanced by a freshly baked baguette, which I used to get every last bit of sauce from my plate. 

Breaking Dawn is full of youth and serves as a breath of fresh air for Los Gatos. They’re giving the brunch scene a rebellious makeover, maintaining a vibe that’s laid-back yet pulsating with fun. The restaurant has turned the concept of brunch on its head, marrying the rich, diverse flavors of Asian cuisine with a spirited, almost cheeky approach to the first meal of the day. 

It’s a spot where traditional breakfast meets a twist of classy irreverence—more than just a remedy for the morning blues. It is not just a restaurant; it’s a hub for food enthusiasts and those looking to shake off the remnants of last night. They’ve built an environment where good food, good drinks and good vibes blend seamlessly, offering a unique take on brunch that’s as memorable as it is flavorsome.

In the infamous and spot-on words from Breaking Dawn’s website: “We make brunch our b*tch.”

Breaking Dawn

160 W Main Street, Los Gatos


Tuesday – Sunday




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