.Frantic Romantic Plays Celestina at Art Boutiki

The origin story of the band Frantic Romantic is wacky but also, somehow, unsurprising given the times: “Born in 2018. Died in 2020. Back from the dead in 2022,” they write. With roots in San Jose’s pre-pandemic alternative rock scene, the band is now based in Los Angeles and immersed in the city’s New New Wave. Their latest album, Celestina, is a headbanging synth rock extravaganza best experienced live. Founders Ruben Beltran and Mr. Kerosene embrace a Bowie-inspired combination of neon and noir to craft a refreshing party on stage—this time in the very city that started their journey.

Frantic Romantic

Sat, 8:30pm, $17.50

Art Boutiki, San Jose


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