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.Goodtime Bar Raises a Toast to One-Year Anniversary

music in the park san jose

Over the past year, Goodtime Bar has emerged as a standout destination in downtown San Jose, attracting wine lovers and food enthusiasts alike with its impressive selection of natural wines and excellent cuisine. As the bar gears up to celebrate its first anniversary on April 27, it has not only matured like the fine wines it serves but also become a staple in the local dining landscape.

Positioned between 1st and 2nd streets, Goodtime Bar has played a pivotal role in the transformation of Fountain Alley. Once quieter and less noticed, this area has now blossomed into a lively spot for dining and socializing, thanks largely to the influx of vibrant businesses like Goodtime Bar.

The idea for Goodtime Bar was sparked during a visit to a natural wine bar in Lisbon, where co-owners Ann Le and Steven Huynh were inspired to open their own concept in San Jose. Recently, I got a chance to talk with the man behind the menu, Alex Whiteman. “We’re really riffing off of what San Jose wants to accept and receive,” he says. Working with co-owner Steven, he pairs dishes with the bar’s diverse natural wines, emphasizing the importance of using seasonal ingredients.

Teamwork in the kitchen is definitely a critical component of their success, with Whiteman appreciating the hard work of his staff. He is pleasantly surprised by the impact of the restaurant’s community events, such as the Monday Night Run Club. Looking ahead, Whiteman aims to keep Goodtime Bar innovative and relevant in San Jose’s competitive dining scene.

After sampling several selections, I opted for a glass of something different: Lapati Wines’ ‘Tetris’ Mtsvane from the Republic of Georgia. It started off pleasantly tart and then mellowed into a subtly sweet and smoky finish—a conversation starter that paired well with the dishes that followed.

As the food began arriving at my table, I eagerly started with the deviled eggs—an elegant twist on a classic. The crab fat mayo added a savory richness that paired beautifully with the sprinkled green onion and delicate pop of smoked trout roe. Following the eggs were the oysters, each topped with a small slice of kumquat. The citrus provided a tangy contrast to the oysters’ lightly briny flavor, adding a twist to the classic champagne mignonette—a simple yet effective pairing made each bite both refreshing and memorable.

The bay shrimp tostada was a showstopper, with a colorful fusion of flavors. The aji amarillo offered a subtle heat, complemented by the tangy ramp vinaigrette and creamy Japanese mayo, all served atop a crisp tostada.

And finally, the tinned fish selection—tuna in olive oil, accompanied by pickled onions and peppers, and sliced sourdough drizzled with olive oil—was a testament to the quality of ingredients Goodtime Bar sources. Each component worked harmoniously to enhance the natural flavors of the fresh tuna.

As my meal drew to a close, the combination of thoughtfully curated dishes and the lively atmosphere left a strong impression. Goodtime Bar isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a place to experience. As it approaches its first anniversary, the restaurant stands as a tribute to passion, creativity and sustainability in the culinary world of Silicon Valley.

30 Fountain Alley No. 160, San Jose. Open Monday, Wed-Thu, 4-11pm; Fri, 4pm-midnight; Sat, 2pm-midnight; Sun, 2-10pm; closed Tue.


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