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Cannabis—it's not just for stoners anymore

Marijuana pairs well with yoga and other workouts, according to two San Jose fitness and cannabis enthusiasts.

This Saturday marks the second fully legal 4/20 in California history. However, according to the letter of the law, smoking, vaping, sipping or eating cannabis in public remains illegal, creating a cloud of uncertainty and paranoia for those who would prefer a pre-roll over a cigarette on the patio of their favorite pub.

This is certainly true in San Jose. The Capital of Silicon Valley is also the South Bay’s capital for cannabis dispensaries. But when it comes to open displays of consumption, the city comes up short—especially compared to northerly neighbors, such as Oakland and San Francisco, where it is still easier to find openly advertised THC-infused activities.

But that is bound to change. As recreational and medicinal marijuana continue their long march toward mainstream acceptance, prominent figures are shelling out and stepping up for cannabis users and the industry.

Former 49ers quarterback Joe Montana recently put up millions in support of the San Jose-based Caliva dispensary. The United Food and Commercial Workers union is fighting to improve working conditions for trimmers and budtenders alike.

Meanwhile, savvy entrepreneurs are finding ways to capitalize on changes in public perception. Some have launched social spaces for consumption; others are seeking to elevate the concept of munchies, by crafting gourmet treats and hosting dinner parties that invite guests to enjoy a few puffs before the appetizers are served; and a pair of fitness enthusiasts are aiming to open a gym that will pair physical discipline with a deliberate and informed cannabis regimen.

This guide—and the issue that surrounds it—will explore Silicon Valley’s burgeoning legal cannabis scene. In addition to touching on new businesses and cultural trends, it will also dig into the growing popularity of CBD and take a critical look at the issue of disposable vape pens.

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