.How Safe Is Your Silicon Valley Business?

So you’re an entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley or you have recently moved here because of all the amazing business opportunities this area has to offer. You are bold and full of hope and you think your business idea is going to knock quite a few socks off from the feet of your potential investors. One of the last things on your mind at the moment is the matter of safety. As long as you have a lock on the door, you’re good to go- or are you?

Stay Safe Both Online And Offline

Since the tech and mobile app industries count among the most profitable fields you could get involved in at the moment, your entire business could be done online. This however does not place you in any special category of business protected by the security that offline businesses are submitted to.

Assess Your Risks And Evaluate Your Threats

Think in terms of client data, files, physical data or steal credentials such as back accounts and email addresses; they all need to be safely guarded against cybercriminals. According to official statistics, it would seem that small businesses are more prone to be attacked by cybercriminals as they are known to use a smaller number of resources to defend themselves. A National Cyber Security Alliance/Symantec research has shown that two thirds of small business owners say their business depends on the web to complete its daily operations, with close to 70% sensitive and vital information that needs to be protected during the process.

Managing A Physical Store In Silicon Valley?

You will need to worry for even more things, ranging from the safety of your employees to the security of your customers and the protection of your merchandise and computers or machines. You might want to hire a permanent security guard or install CTV cameras in and around the store/shop/office for similar reasons. You might also need to use safes and powerful locks and print entrance systems for enhanced protection. This link here https://www.authorizedlocksmiths.com/emergency-locksmith will lead you on the web site of a specialized locksmith company with commercial (also automotive and residential) services provided all over the country. They also cover the Silicon Valley area and they can recommend the best solutions for your business in terms of physical protection options. They handle lock rekey, new lock installation, safe lock repair, as well as security camera systems and everything else safety related. They handle 24/7 lockout emergencies as well, and they can reach your location within 15 to 20 minutes from placing a call to their friendly dispatch personnel.

While you are busy working on your policy regarding the use of social media platforms for your employees or the written Internet security policy for them, these authorized and licensed lock technicians will assess your security needs for free and make the most suitable recommendations. You can check their price table online – they offer some of the most affordable flat rates in their industry and they also offer a warranty for all replacement parts they will be using. 

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