music in the park san jose

.Letters to the Editor

music in the park san jose

Clapping Sound

A merry-go-round of applause for Peter Byrne’s article on the mixed state of adult education and higher learning here in California (“The Selling of UC,” Cover Story, June 30).

A must read for all string pullers, pickers, glum Blum and family, and cherished shareholders. All may not be lost for our state’s learners if said shareholders might graciously reinvest in a state-funded higher learning.

As a proud product of California public schools and universities, this article literally pulled tears from my eyes—a brilliant piece of journalism, to be read by all who care, especially those who think they don’t. Thank you, Mr. Blum. Go Slugs!

Mike O’Neil | San Jose

Tour Guide

Thank you for the bit on “San Jose” by Gary Singh (“Tour the Obscure,” Cover Story, July 25.) It made me homesick. I appreciate the “unappreciated view concept” in which the story was done. I, like the writer, spent a lot of time just walking through the unappreciated back alleys of the city. The quick yet descriptive manner of the locals paints a wonderful mosaic. By the way, my aunt is the proud owner of “Baby Land” on the corner of San Carlos and Bascom.

Michael | Oceanside

Take It All

Why aren’t they running the Mexican American Heritage Gardens, Hayes Mansion and the Golf Courses too (“Team Takes,” The Fly, July 14). It might not even be too late for them to bid on taking over the municipal water service that the city was talking with SJWC about selling. They could take a loan from the pension system to finance the purchase and operate it like all their other winning business enterprises.

Blair Whitney | san jose

Tax Party

In many ways, Republicans are the party of taxation and big government. For a half-century, they have been the primary advocates of excess trillions of dollars for military expenses.

Republicans have opposed strong gun control laws. It costs an average of more than $100,000 for investigation, prosecution and lifetime prison expenses for each of more than 7,000 gun homicides per year. The GOP also tends to favor taxing families over corporations, protecting the likes of BP and allowing little or no taxation of foreign bank accounts. By resisting higher income on the wealthiest 2 percent, they even want more taxes for 98 percent of Republicans.

Lynn Larson | Azusa


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music in the park san jose
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