.Lizzie Borden

Heavy-metal favorites Lizzie Borden play the Avalon Nightclub in Santa Clara tonight

EITHER THAT’S GREAT MAKEUP, or Lizzy Borden have been shock-rocking so long they’re beginning to decompose.

HIDE THE CHILDREN! Lock your doors! It’s Lizzy Borden! Yup, these glam shock-rockers had the hair, the heavy-metal sound and the props to frighten parents and make themselves a target of the PMRC in the early ’80s. But time wounds all heels; what was seen by bored housewives as morally perverse back then is almost silly nowadays. Lizzy Borden, however, forges on and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to putting on a great show and making sure the audience get their money’s worth. Namesake vocalist Lizzy Borden originally formed the group in 1983 with his drummer brother, Joey Scott, and the two are now the only remaining original members. Borden has long been one of the most underrated vocalists in rock, and while most frontmen from that time period have lost their voice due to a hard lifestyle, Borden has actually gotten better. Magika, Mudface and Silent Sinner open the show.

LIZZY BORDEN performs Thursday (Feb. 4) at 9pm at the Avalon, 777 Lawrence Expwy., Santa Clara. Tickets are $10. (408.241.0777)

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