.One Fish Raw Bar in Campbell

One Fish Raw Bar dishes simply good eats

One Fish Raw Bar stands as refined culinary artistry and an astounding level of creativity. 

The restaurant recently celebrated its second year and may be one of Campbell’s best-kept secrets. I am here to shine some light on what might be one of the most elegant dining experiences on the Downtown Campbell strip. 

At the helm is chef and owner Trent Lidgey, a virtuoso whose culinary expertise unfolds further with expertly crafted plates, and Josh VanBuhler, who brings a warm disposition to his role as general manager. Both have years of diverse industry experience that include Michelin-starred restaurants.

The white tiled walls create a clean and calming atmosphere, while wooden elements throughout add a touch of natural warmth. Behind the bar, wooden shelving displays an array of jarred spices, curated wine and sake bottles, as well as gleaming glassware.

There is a striking multi-canvas painting of a vibrant school of fish in motion, which adds a dynamic focal point. The interior of One Fish Raw Bar strikes a harmonious balance between modern minimalism and a sophisticated space that feels both intimate and refined.

The true star of the show at One Fish Raw Bar is the food. I indulged in a five-course family-style meal that was paired with various sake for each course ($180). Each dish was meticulously crafted and created delicious flavors with each bite. 

The little neck clam was featured on a platter that boasted many distinct flavor profiles, and it had a spicy kick courtesy of the Szechuan seasoning. The bay scallops were brightened with calamansi and chipotle notes. Next up were the aromatic Thai basil mussels and beausoleil oysters, which created a delicate balance that was enhanced by the zesty meyer lemon.

The fluke with Asian pear and rangpur lime was sweet, and it offered a robustness and savory taste from the fish with a refreshing citrus kick. 

Another highlight was the three-day dry-aged trout, elevated by the rich depth of flavor from soy sauce and fermented wasabi. One Fish has an inventive take on cornbread, which features dill cultured cream and smoked trout roe. 

The deconstructed Caesar salad with cornbread crumbles exceeded expectations, as did the squash soup that offered full-bodied flavors and a subtle hint of sweetness. It was well balanced with a touch of heat. 

Finally, the candy cap mushroom custard was a perfect balance of sweetness and sophistication, with its velvety-smooth texture and subtle earthy undertones. It came topped with a sprinkle of crushed walnuts, which added dimension to every bite.

Each course was thoughtfully paired with sake selections, enhancing the dining experience by accentuating the flavors of the dishes. The attention to detail in these pairings elevated the experience and is now offered in a sake retail program with a selection of four or five options.

The five-course family-style meal at One Fish Raw Bar is a true embodiment of the elegance and creativity that defines this restaurant. The humble restaurant also operates without a full kitchen, a limitation partly imposed by its location with residences upstairs. 

Despite the limited options available to them, the technique-driven menu is a testament to their dedication to detail. The chef’s craftsmanship shines in every dish and showcases a level of skill and innovation that creates a unique and worthwhile dining experience. 

One Fish Raw Bar

193 East Campbell Avenue, Campbell


[email protected]

Open Wed–Sun



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