music in the park san jose

.Original Gravity: Still O.G. and Alter Ego

Dual-concept venue takes over an O.G. spot in DTSJ

music in the park san jose

After closing its doors last year, Original Gravity recently rebranded to Still O.G. and Alter Ego Cocktail Club in response to the evolving food and drink scene downtown.

Familiar to anyone versed in downtown San Jose’s bar and dining scene, Original Gravity emerged in 2012 as a standout among the city’s first wave of craft beer bars. Known for local brews and a relaxed, unpretentious vibe, it became a favorite spot for both rotating drafts and distinctive pub food, including the infamous duck-fat fries.

The new multi-concept space—combining a vinyl-listening lounge in front with a modern yet vintage speakeasy—both aligns with current trends and expands its potential audience.

Though practically unrecognizable, the reimagined space pays tribute to its origins. Once inside Still O.G., the backdrop of downtown shifts to a meticulously crafted scene with retro charm: a streamlined bar, acoustic wooden panels, high-fidelity audio equipment, shelves glowing with vinyl records, a DJ booth, and chic décor.

Beyond that, an archway framed with plants leads into the speakeasy, behind a mysterious curtain. Alter Ego fully embodies its name with its own distinct atmosphere—a dimly lit enclave that radiates romantic charm. Behind the bar, a sophisticated display of spirits adds to the elegance. The concise food menu spans a range of flavors, complemented by an even more expansive selection of cocktails and spirits.

I chose the Hamachi, the Egg, and the Wagyu from the food menu, and kicked off the evening with Asteroid Blues, a standout cocktail crafted from tequila, manzanilla, avocado, lychee and lemon. Served in a spherical glass cradled by an astronaut figurine and illuminated from below to enhance its green hue, it looked as intriguing as it tasted. The drink, refreshing and balanced, was complemented by a subtly salty foam top, creating a memorable flavor profile.

Each of the 17 signature cocktails is presented in its own style of glassware, further enhancing the allure of the overall experience. And each dish made a grand entrance, with a presentation that was as artistically impressive as it was flavorful.

The Hamachi offered a melt-in-your-mouth experience, pairing the rich, buttery fish with the vibrant contrast of aguachile. Accents of crunchy jicama and daikon, along with the subtle crunch of rice pearls, rounded out the dish’s texture.

The Egg, cleverly assembled inside its shell, combined a soft poached yolk with flavorful chorizo, topped with whipped crème fraîche and chives. The mix offered a seamless and rich flavor, simple in presentation but wildly complex in taste.

The Wagyu short rib rounded out the meal; sous-vide for 36 hours to perfection, it was incredibly tender and served with a twist on the classic red wine bordelaise sauce. Guajillo peppers brought a mild yet flavorful heat, creating a balance of depth and zest that complemented the meat. Sweet pickled shallots and cilantro on top added an extra layer of flavor.

Although dessert was tempting, I instead indulged in another signature cocktail, the Kyushu Coffee. Mingling shochu and coffee with kuromitsu (a sweet, molasses-like syrup), black sesame, heavy cream and a hint of salt, this boldly flavored concoction balanced sweet and savory notes, offering a delicious finale to the meal.

Still O.G. and Alter Ego together make up a standout spot for date nights or a fun, classy evening out. I’ve only scratched the surface with Alter Ego’s amazing offerings, leaving Still O.G.’s menu for a future visit. Booking a table at Alter Ego is advised to truly get the full experience, but for solo diners, grabbing a seat at the bar is also a fantastic choice. This dual-concept venue blends into a prime destination for a fun, classy night out in downtown San Jose.

Still O.G. and Alter Ego Cocktail Club

Tue–Sun, 5pm-midnight

Thu–Sat, 5pm-2am

66 S. 1st St San Jose



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