.Pot Shots: 'High Tea,' Bud-Infused Brews and Stoner Sodas Fly Off Shelves at Local Dispensaries

With many parts of the state reaching 100-and-fuck degrees this summer, chilling out next to the AC with some ice-cold suds is a no-brainer. Several companies have come to the rescue this summer with THC, CBD and terpene-infused beverages so that overheated marijuana enthusiasts can have their weed and drink it, too.

Cannabis bevvies originally took the form of sugary sodas until more health-conscious products started popping up in dispensaries over the past few years. The latest wave of reefer refreshments includes San Diego-based Cannibiniers, which this summer launched Two Roots Brewing Co., “the world’s first line of CannaCrafted non-alcoholic THC and CBD infused craft beer.”

The lineup features a lager, stout, IPA, sonder and wheat ale, all of which the company states “emulates the rapid onset of alcohol” but without the hangover and humiliation of that one vomit-involved Lyft ride home from Cinnabar that your friends promised to never mention again. Molson Coors Brewing is developing a similar product with Canadian weed producer The Hydropothecary Corp. north of the border, and local brewer Lagunitas sells Hi-Fi Hops, an IPA-inspired “hoppy sparkling water” beverage, at Airfield Supply Company and both Harborside locations.

Only Province Brands is actually brewing with bud, though; most cannabis beers just have THC or CBD oils added to them, but Province uses all parts of the plant to create a unique product with 6.5mg THC in each bottle. Two Rivers also sells infused cold-brew iced coffees from their Just Society label for those who love a little cuppa canna in the morning.

Their blood orange, chamomile and peppermint teas will also have you throwing a Mad Hatter-style tea party in no time. Herbal tea blends from women-owned Bay Area company Kikoko have made headlines lately for their effects on alleviating anxiety and giving people a boost of desire in the bedroom.

All of the beautifully packaged products are available for your next high teatime at Caliva, Airfield and Buddy’s Cannabis. “Microdosing is becoming a big thing,”  Buddy’s Cannabis owner Matt Lucero said. “Kikoko is one of our best-selling new items.”

Marijuana isn’t poised to take over happy hour just yet. Edibles are still less than 10 percent of Buddy’s store sales, with drinks comprising just 1 percent of that demographic. But even the alcohol industry doesn’t seem threatened by legalization.


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