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Lately, Santa Clara University has become a launching pad for DJs and music producers. With bars like the Hut and Da Silva’s Broncos right next to campus, student music DJs have found a prime area to forge the soundtrack for some wild nights.
In particular, two students, David Belogolovsky and Raymond Jacob, have risen to dominate the SCU music scene. If you had told David Belogolovsky three years ago that he would be part of a successful lighting and event services company by his senior year, he would have been surprised. When he started out at SCU studying marketing and graphic design, Belogolovsky saw DJing as just a hobby.
Belogolovsky, who spins under the name DJ3W, got started playing at local house parties. “From there, I got my first show opening for Minnesota, Babylon System and Helicopter Showdown, which are three really big artists,” says Belogolovsky of his first big break.
What’s really put Belogolovsky’s name out there is his connection to Top Shelf Lighting and DJ Services. Belogolovsky heard of the small business through a friend and became one of its partners. Since then, the company has grown in size and demand. “We do weddings, concerts; we’ve actually done lighting for Foster the People and Dylan Francis, and at Snowglobe up in Tahoe,” Belogolovsky says.
The company also brings on other DJs to spin at shows that they mount. Raymond Jacob, who produces music under the name Atlas, is one of these DJs. Originally from Texas, Jacob now studies marketing and music at SCU and spends the rest of his time creating original, fist-pumping tracks.
“When I was a freshman I started getting really serious [about music production],” Jacob says. “When I make music, it’s the purest expression of me. It’s like a road map into my soul. I decided on the name Atlas because what better way than a map into Raymond Jacob as a person?”
Jacob will often drop in at the Hut on Tuesdays to spin alongside his friends at Top Shelf, and he also maintains a gig at Da Silva’s Broncos, where he strives to create funky mixes that combine the current hits with his own original Atlas sound.
“I try to mix in the newest, freshest stuff that people haven’t heard before and mix it with my music,” Jacob explains. However, despite his popularity as a DJ, Jacob notes, “I am a music producer first and foremost. People call me a DJ, but I’ve never actually spun a turntable in my life. I do it in a completely different way, with my knowledge from Santa Clara and all of these new programs I use. So it’s funky, it’s fresh and it’s new. I hope people enjoy the sound.”
Both DJ3W and Atlas can be heard at the Top Shelf Halloween Masquerade at Neto’s Market & Grill this Wednesday.—
Top Shelf Halloween Masquerade
Wed, Oct. 31; under 21, $5, over 21, free
Neto’s Market &
Grill, Santa Clara

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